Spotlight: Omen Comics & Revelation Comics

A spotlight today on Omen Comics and their imprint Revelation Comics

Reaching out to me over Twitter, with Omen Comics you not only get one, but you get two comic imprints.

First, there is Omen Comics.

Omen Comics already has a selection of their digital comics already available, with some links between them all. Even so, you can pick up a series and work your way through it all. with monsters, magic, demons and the supernatural being a running theme throughout.

From Omen Comics, you can read White Druid & Michael Nero, Omenverse, Omen and Gallows Men.

The Court of the Black Hood From the days of our ancient past there has been a need for those who were willing to hurt and kill for others like the executioners of the dark and middle ages. The men of the Black Hood who carried out the orders of the church/state. But, about the time of Spain’s infamous inquisition both church and state had removed any morality from the proceeding they ordered these, gallows men to perform. The Guild of the Black Hood became the Court of the Black Hood and they turned vigilante against the church/state. They selected from among them three, highly trained and skilled Gallows Men” to be the Court’s enforcing right arm in protecting the poor, policing the authorities and making justice a standard once again. Now, 500+ years later, the Court of the Black Hood is still very active; as are their enforcing agents, the Gallows Men: the American, Executioner (sharpshooter/tactician), the Englishman, Hangman (Hojojutsu Master – rope based martial art) & the Japanese Headsman (Honjo Masamune wielding master Swordsman).

Written by Michael I Nunneley
Art by Awosika Josiah Tosin
Lettered by Guido Martinez
Edited by Russ Pirozek

Gallows Men #1 & #2 are available now, and there is a lot of world-building here. There are battles, violence, and something of the supernatural. There is a lot to take in, with the secret societies and the different groups. It’s interesting nevertheless, and it really brings in all the conspiracies in this world. The action is full-on, with a lot to take in (and blood) but it’s all relevant, and what you would expect from a series such as this. There are some interesting characters here, and I like to see how deep it goes.

You can read the Omen Comics on ComiXology here.

Over on the Revelation Comics imprint, there are two comics available. Blitz and Insurrection: Fox Operations.

Blitz #1

Amy Mason accidentally stumbled on a time-dilation device, giving her super speed. Night Spider is a former villain turned hero. Their partnership is unusual—she needs him to teach her the ropes, while he needs her to stay on the heroic path. Neither of them truly knows how to be a hero. But in an age without heroic champions, Blitz and Night Spider are only hope Centennial City has.

Giving us, in one issue, not only the new title superhero but the beginnings of a new ‘verse. I like the way it works with the flashbacks, where there is a lot of information. It leaves us some information to learn though, which works well – there are details on Blitz’s powers we still need to see, as well as those behind the scenes. Night Spider is an interesting character, and I like the way he is a reformed villain. There is a lot to learn for the characters here, and this works out really well.
As a first issue, there is enough action, with some nice scenes – showcasing powers and limitations. This is good to get in on the ground floor.

Read Blitzverse on GlobalComix

Insurrection: Fox Operations

Major Zack Amadi was once an officer in the Nigerian Army – a part of the fight against insurgency – but, from a single act of fear in the face of war, he was branded an enemy of the state. As the pit of Zack’s troubles grows deeper and deeper with each passing day he struggles to regain his honor and take revenge on the insurgent commander that brought all of this horror down upon him.

This is something different. Giving us the ‘war is hell’ feel of the story being told. There is a lot of action going on here. The commentary going on is very fitting to the story, with many thoughts and emotions going on at the same time.
The reactions of the other soldiers were well done, and they add some good background to the story.
The art style works really well with the story being told, and I like the colouring for the scenes, they work very well.

Read Insurrection: Fox Operations on GlobalComix

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