Fund Me Friday: Wulfsbane #1

Currently funding on Kickstarter is Wulfsbane #1 – Werewolf vs Detectives. Find out who comes out on top in this crime style horror story where we explore what makes a man… a monster.

Jack Mulligan, a detective with a bad smoking habit has been called in on a murder investigation. This time the victim has left behind an uncooperative teenage daughter who just so happens to be the only known witness. Before he can get the answers he’s looking for, the house is visited by something he thought only existed in children’s tales- a werewolf. After surviving the encounter he’s left with more questions than answers. Did the beast really kill that man? And if something like that exists, what else is out there?

Writer: Aaron Jordan
Art: Thomas Muzzell (Mr. Rand)
Colors: Alexander Cutri (The 8, Aiya, Wounded Worlds)
Lettering: Justice Wright

I was lucky enough to get a sneak peek at this monster murder mystery, and it’s something to get you hooked into what is going on in the story.

We kick off with a murder, and things may seem oh-so routine, with a drunk father and a beaten daughter, but things rapidly escalate to the monster of the story. We do get some good character introductions though, and there is enough there to move the story along, to the point that we know things are going to escalate as we progress through the story.

As the first issue goes, it works really well. There is some information, and a brilliant ending to the issue, which brings things all together and prepares you for future issues. We are not the only ones who are going to be asking questions – the characters, having seen something, are going to be asking some too.

I really enjoy the art style too. There is a real gritty feel to it and the colours, with some nice teases in the scenes shown and good use of darkness and shadow.

Wulfsbane #1 is available on Kickstarter right now, with the funding total below. You can get print and digital reward tiers as well as add-ons including T-Shirts and hats.

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