Review – Belle: Dragon Clan

A new Belle story here from Zenescope Entertainment. This time featuring the Dragon Clan.

Anabelle “Belle” DiMarco has faced monsters and beasts of almost every dark, hidden corner of our world. And whether it was skill or luck, she has come out standing on top. But, what happens when she becomes the prey of something not of this realm? Something so ancient and powerful that she might not have the knowledge or ability to stop it.

Writer: Dave Franchini
Artwork: Julius Abrera

It seems that the heroes from our dimension are really being tested. And this is the latest of those tests. Following on from the Dragon Clan adventures, we get more of the Dark Princess. This works well for Belle, as she learns more of her new armour while trying to live a more normal life.

The choosing of a new apartment was fun – especially with the end result. I like the build-up here. Belle is specifically targeted here, and it looks like she is finished off. This is not the case, but it does make things interesting for the future.

The comments about the ‘other’ Belle was also good, and I wonder if any heroes from the other dimensions will make an appearance.

The action here was well done, with Belle showing her heroic side in more than one way. Fighting a dragon can be difficult, but helping others at the same time shows what she is all about.

The art was well done, with the dragon flying through the city working really well.

I enjoyed this as Zenescope continues to build these stories.

You can get Belle: Dragon Clan digitally from Zenescope Entertainment here.

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