Review: End Of Days Chapter 2

With the second issue of End of Days now available to back on Kickstarter from Gerry Cooley, I was lucky enough to have a first look. My thoughts on the first issue are here.

In this issue we will be diving headfirst into Victorian Era London during the Ripper murders. Inspectors Gabriel Smith & Jonathan McCoy are on the trail of the killer, with the help of Elizabeth Swan. They have already discovered that this is no mere man, there is a supernatural element with a dark purpose. The killer taunts them with each murder, leaving cryptic phrases written in a language that is as old as time itself. New major players to the story will be introduced as we fall down the rabbit hole that is End of Days. The end is coming, but the story is just beginning…..

Gerry Cooley

Following up on the murders of the first issue, this issue delves deeper into the investigation and we begin to get some answers. Although there is still a lot to learn – especially with that cliffhanger – and this issue points us in the right direction.

Building on the discoveries of the first issue, there is a lot to take in. This is a really involved issue and it draws you deeper into the investigation. It does start off with some good action against the dark side. We meet some new characters and they add to this mystery with some interesting vague hints. There is a good revelation here, and this new ally has some interesting history, which makes this story even more interesting.

The murders – of which there is another in this issue – start to make some sense, with a ritual being involved, and some hints toward the final end game.

The artwork continues to be excellent, with some great scenes. These include not only the action but the investigation too. The characters are well rounded, and show their emotions (mostly either knowing or confused) well. I really enjoy how this has been laid out and this adds to the themes of the story.

This is a really strong second issue, and builds well on the story – finishing with an excellent end, and something to look forward to in the next issue.

End Of Days Chapter 2 is available to back on Kickstarter and you can get it in digital and print format. Backers can also catch up on the previous issue.

Check it out here.

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