Review: Transformers #33

The latest issue is out from IDW Publishing this week – here are my thoughts on Transformers #33.

“Lord of Misrule: Swindle’s II”. Bumblebee is a lot of things—an ex-Ascenticon spy, a wanted fugitive, and currently working as a go-between for Swindle and Optimus Prime’s Autobots. With Swindle and his crew’s help, Bumblebee’s got a chance to free the long-captive Elita-1 and finally finish his search for justice for Rubble’s murder by bringing down Barricade. But when working with criminals, even the best laid plans are destined for trouble.

Brian Ruckley (Author) Anna Malkova (Artist) Ed Pierre (Cover Artist)

There was a lot going on in this issue. Mainly it involves the plots and plans of Swindle and how he is getting on in this new Cybertron.
I like the way it sets things up, Swindle is an interesting character and it will be fun to see his story arc – leading up to the hopeful appearance of Bruticus (a favourite of mine). How this will happen I don’t know, but it will be a good ride if this current run is anything to judge.

I like the way this is setting things up. Bumblebee’s role here is still interesting, there is something extra about him, and it’s good to see him more involved. The discussions about the mentorship were well done here.
The breakout was a fun routine, with mistakes, battle and a good amount of humour. Bumblebee seems to be learning a lot about himself and the way he conducts himself.

In addition to that, we get a follow-up from the last issue, with Skywarp making a lot more of his appearances. His monologue is pretty interesting, and it seems we have another crazy Decepticon – this may be more trouble in the long run.

The art in this run continues to be excellent – There is a lot of scope in these stories and it all works out really well.

You can get Transformers #33 from IDW Publishing here.

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