Review – Transformers: King Grimlock #1

new from IDW Publishing this week is another new Transformers story – this time we get a look at King Grimlock #1

KING GRIMLOCK BEGINS! Grimlock, the beloved powerhouse T-rex with an attitude and one of the strongest Cybertronians in existence, finds himself magically transported to a world of fantastical beasts and strange powers! In this savage world, where the strong rule with sword and iron, Grimlock finds a new opportunity to prove he’s the strongest there is… but as Grimlock and the human barbarian, Arko, will learn, sometimes brute strength isn’t enough.

Steve Orlando (Author) Agustin Padilla (Artist) Cary Nord (Cover Artist)

I have a feeling that in this story there is going to be a lot of lessons learnt.

We begin with Grimlock and Optimus fighting off some enemy, and they both have different ideas on how the defeated enemy will be dealt with. Grimlock has a more hard and fast method, where the solution is more violent. Optimus, on the other hand, is more diplomatic.

They don’t have too long to discuss it though as Grimlock is transported to a different world.

This world seems to suit Grimlock. He is immediately attacked by large creatures and fights them off. It turns out that he wasn’t the intended target – Optimus was. The local humans wanted Optimus to help them fight back against their despotic ruler. Grimlock doesn’t seem interested, but it seems there is more to this.

This was an interesting beginning, taking a well-known Autobot Dinobot out of his comfort zone. I like the setting and the setup.

The artwork is interesting – especially the tease for the next issue. Grimlock as a robot looks classic, but his dino-mode looks really good. He seems a lot more intimidating.

You can get Transformers: King Grimlock #1 from IDW Publishing

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