Review – Transformers: Shattered Glass #1

A new Transformers series this week from IDW Publishing, giving us a new look at the Transformers world in Transformers: Shattered Glass #1.

Shattered Glass isn’t your average Transformers tale… “Shards” is the story of the ongoing battle between the power-hungry Autobot autocrats and the freedom-fighting Decepticon laborers. Join author Danny Lore (James Bond, King in Black: Captain America, Champions) in exploring this fractured alternate universe just before it shatters.

In issue #1, many kilocycles after the Cybertronian War has destroyed Earth, Blurr, an evil Autobot bodyscrapper, hunts his newest bounty who holds a piece of information that could reignite the war.

Danny Lore (Author) Guido Guidi (Artist) Alex Milne (Cover Artist)

This is a new look at the world of Cybertron. The Autobots have won, and their rule is iron-clad. The way Cybertron is being run is a little different to what we imagined, and we have Blurr in place to tell the story.

Blurr is a little different too, he may not be a reliable narrator and what he told us of his past must be taken with a pinch of salt. Nevertheless, it does show us the position the ‘bots are in. The Decepticons loss seems heavy and there are none of them around – save one.

Starscream (always a favourite of mine) is still there, hunted by Autobot bounty hunters and wanted for torture questioning.

The chase is interesting, and his team-up is more so. Starscream is clever though, and this issue shows that off well. Where it will lead on the other hand…

This was a great introduction, playing with the new world of the Autobots. I’m looking forward to seeing where it will lead.

Get Transformers: Shattered Glass #1 from IDW Publishing here.

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