Review: Van Helsing vs. The Invisible Woman

From Zenescope Entertainment is the latest one-shot – Van Helsing Vs. The Invisible Woman.

Months ago, our world opened up to gateways and passages from all types of alternate dimensions, but Liesel Van Helsing, along with her friends, closed those doors. They may have stopped the initial threat, but that doesn’t mean some beings from those worlds didn’t crossover into our universe. And, some of those who are now stuck here might not be the biggest fans of the famed vampire hunter.
In a story you need to see to believe, don’t miss a second of this epic 32-page encounter as Liesel deals with a threat that she won’t even see this coming, in Van Helsing vs The Invisible Woman!

(W) Joe Brusha, Dave Franchini, Ralph Tedesco (CA) Ivan Tao

This issue works as an interesting build as to what will be causing problems for Van Helsing (and Julie) in the future.

The adventures in different dimensions has added a lot of problems across the Grimm Universe. This looks to be another problem too.
There is something different about it. This Invisible Woman is bearing a grudge toward Van Helsing because of her alternate version. This was an interesting read, with someone who is blinded by a grudge.

The history of the grudge is well done, and this looks to be a problem for the future. Hopefully, Van Helsing and Julie will have planned for a future eventuality.

The ending makes this story, with some a good tease in the shadows for the future. This issue has a fair amount of action, with some vamps getting their just deserts.

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