Webcomic Review: Mara

From Stuffed Rock Studio, Mara is a webcomic featured online as well as Patreon. The first ebook is coming on the 19th of August to Patreon subscribers and to the main site on the 26th of August.

Mara is the first comic from Stuffed Rock Studio, about the titular character, Mara. Follow her on an adventure that takes her from her little fishing village to the far reaches of the world!

Writer – Dylan Goss
Artist – Rosi Woo
Portugese translator – Rogerio Rios
Spanish translator – Manuel Gil Fernández

As a beginning of a new story, this team skillfully combine elements of family, violence, vengeance and the mystic in only a few pages. That in itself is incredible.

To do it with this fantastic art and to begin the build of what looks to be a fantastic story adds to the charm of this webcomic.

It starts with some father-daughter bonding, and we get a good look at the world around them. Showing off the backgrounds by the artists well. There is some really good family feeling here, and the offerings to the spirits are shown well, with some interesting subtext that links to the rest of the story.

what comes next is the violence, as there is an attack on this clan. It is interesting as interspersed with the battle is a conversation between the spirits. There is something more out there, some warrior outside of the norm. This is shown within the battle – how he/it fights and its size.

The conversation between the spirits as this is happening is interesting, as it seems that it is this that is going to drive the story as we come to the aftermath of this slaughter.

This is a brilliant beginning, throwing you right into the story in the first few pages. There is some nice work going on in the story and a lot to learn about what is going on.

The art is excellent – combining some earthy tones, with some bright colours in with it – a please to look at on the screen. I love the expressions of the characters, including the spirits in their discussions. The battle scenes show the chaos really well.

You can read the Mara webcomic here. If you want to get in early, then subscribe to their Patreon here. You can check out Stuffed Rock Studio here and follow them on Twitter here.

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