Review: Grimm Fairy Tales, Vol. 2 #51

A new story arc starts this week in Grimm Fairy Tales, Vol. 2 #51 from Zenescope Entertainment.

Skye is the Guardian of the Nexus, the protector of our world and the surrounding realms of power. Over the years she has proven herself time and again that she is worthy of that title. But, as her life finally begins to settle down, she quickly learns that her journey is far from over. And, the quest she is about to embark on will be the hardest of her life.

Don’t miss the beginning of this next exciting arc of Skye’s journey, taking her to places never before explored in the Grimm Universe, as she battles her deadliest foe, The Dark Princess!

Writer: Dave Franchini
Artwork: Guillermo Fajardo

Following on straight after the Robyn Hood Annual – The Swarm, we start with a meeting of the heroes of the Grimm Universe on how to deal with this new threat.

Things rapidly degenerate when the Dark Princess attacks with her swarm of monsters. The majority of the battle is a fight, with the heroes having serious problems. It was interesting though as The Dark Princess obviously has something else in mind, and that power is what causes the ending of the issue.

There is a lot to take in here, which will have ramifications for the Grimm Universe going forward. Characters make sacrifices, and it remains to be seen if they are dead, or somewhere else. I like the way this pans out though and I was not expecting that final panel.

This was an interesting beginning to a new arc and something big for the heroes and villains involved. There were some absent, and it will be interesting to see where they lead.

In general the court is out on this, so I will hold judgement.

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