Review – Robyn Hood Annual: The Swarm

A new annual from Zenescope Entertainment this week. This time it’s Robyn Hood: The Swarm.

The Spider Queen, Lord of Flies, King of Serpents, and the Scorpion Queen have all tested their
mettle against Earth’s greatest heroes and come up short. Now, with their powers combined to form the SWARM, they are ready to take their revenge
and destroy anyone who stands in their way.

Writer: Joe Brusha
Artwork: Ismael Canales & Juan Francisco Mota

Building up the Dark Princess storyline, this issue begins with Robyn having a nightmare. It’s a good one too, with the deaths of her friends and allies. This leads her to investigate the troubles that she, Belle and The Black Knight have been having.

Things escalate from there, and we begin to discover the history and plans of the Dark Princess and the gods that she uses for her army.

From there on in, it has some good action as the attack on the trio crosses worlds and dimensions as we see the fight the heroes of the Grimm Universe have.

I enjoyed this issue and the large size allowed more of the story to be told, although in some places I did think that sequences could have been shortened. Nevertheless, the build to the attack from this dimension-hopping villain has been building for a while and it’s good to see her show her hand in these attacks by proxy on the heroes.

This is the beginning to the whole story and it will be interesting to see where it is going…

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