Review: Belle: Headless Horseman

From Zenescope Entertainment, Belle meets another myth in Belle: Headless Horseman.

From stories that span centuries, the Headless Horseman has roamed forests and battlefields seeking the lives of those who have strayed from the fight, taking that which he no longer has, their heads. As some legends are made, others are born, and Anabelle “Belle” DiMarco happens to be so lucky. Descended from a bloodline of hunters of beasts and otherworldly creatures, she is destined to take on those that creep from the shadows, reaching into our world waiting for a hero to battle them back. So what happens when beast hunter meets horseman? Find out here where legends collide!

Writer: Dave Franchini
Artwork: Julius Abrera

With a nice tease from a past adventure, Belle has some reminiscing to do here. Visiting her old family home, now destroyed, the items found was a link to this adventure.

It moves pretty fast once we’re in it, with some nice magic parts – some interesting rules – and a good setup for future issues.

This issue is more about Belle, rather than other things happening, although, in the end, there are some links to some future problems for Belle. The magic side is well done, and the use of items or blood work well. There is even a shoutout to her new armour – supplied in a previous adventure and saving Belle yet again.

I get the feeling that Belle is still reacting, and some of the aspects of this adventure show she needs to take more of a proactive approach to her problems, and ones that may come along because of her and her families past.

Nevertheless, the Headless Horseman was a good foil – fast and unrelenting, while he was only dealt with by magic, there is the chance he could return!

You can get Belle: Headless Horseman from Zenescope Entertainment from your local comic book shop or digitally.

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