Review: Grimm Fairy Tales #35

The Spider Beside Her

Out now from Zenescope Entertainment, the adventures continue in a different universe, this is Grimm Fairy Tales #35.

Now, a new threat has risen, The Dark Princess, a tyrant that has broken free from a crumbling universe not much different than ours. Along with her generals, The Swarm, her eyes are set on tightening her grip on her newfound home. Nothing that lies in their path is safe, and Skye is set to take on her biggest threat yet as she finds out that what she thinks she knows about our world pales in comparison to the horrors that lie outside of it.

Writer: Dave Franchini
Artwork: Babisu Kourtis

Joining this issue in action you start to notice some differences. Skye has some changes and the team look to be in trouble.

Luckily, we get a good flashback to the story, showing why we are here.

This was an all-action story and it gives Skye a way out of this universe, and a mission.

There was a lot more of the good guys here, and we learn their powers and the motivations of the characters. This action helped build the tension of the story, with the enemy working well and being suitably creepy.

There are still some twists and turns to the story here, and I like the way they build-up to the end of this issue.

The issue works well, with the artwork matching well, with established characters having a different twist. The new locations are a welcome break.

On the other hand, we have Shang in Wonderland, and there are some great scenes in the water and the sky.

This is building well with both parties having trouble!

You can get Grimm Fairy Tales #35 at your local comic shop or digitally online from Zenescope Entertainment.

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