Review – Robyn Hood: Night of the Hunter

From Zenescope Entertainment, the continuing adventures of Robyn Hood with the Night of the Hunter.

Robyn has taken on all types of evil–from sleazy and seemingly untouchable billionaires to monster-worshipping cults and crazed psychopaths–and through it all, she has always come out on top. But, when she becomes the target of a mysterious hunter out for blood, and Robyn’s head, all the luck and skill in the world might not be enough to stop her from becoming a trophy for this demented predator!

Writer: Joe Brusha
Artwork: Rodrigo Xavier

Away from the problems in the Grimm Fairy Tales universe, this issue gives us something new for Robyn, and possibly a new threat for others.

It starts off well, with a mysterious hunter (I’m getting some Kraven vibes here) with a daughter wanting to prove herself.
Robyn on the other hand is working on her training. Specifically on her stamina, and working on fighting without her bow. Her trainer, it seems, has other plans…

I like the build-up here, Robyn is slightly cocky and she thinks she’s getting a rest. In the end, she learns a lot about herself and her fighting. A well played out story for her.

In the background though, we have the hunter(s) and their way – it seems that they are ramping up the threat level, and this will be an interesting foe for Robyn moving forward.

It’s nice to see the art out of the city and in the woods with some good scenes by day and night.

You can get Robyn Hood: Night Of The Hunter from Zenescope Entertainment in print from your local comic shop and digitally.

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