Review – Van Helsing: Beast of Exmoor

New from Zenescope Entertainment is a new one-shot story in Van Helsing: Beast of Exmoor.

In the moorlands, across the field of Exmoor, in the United Kingdom, a beast of legend has resurfaced and is wreaking havoc on local denizens. Severely outmatched, the people of this small town have no way of defeating this elusive and ferocious beast. This leaves Liesel Van Helsing, a legend herself, the only hope left to capture this Beast of Exmoor, and bring an end to the carnage.

Writer: Brian Hawkins
Artwork: Allan Otero

It’s good to see Van Helsing come back home. Well, to the UK at least, and we get a look at somewhere different in the UK, outside of London anyway. The Beast of Exmoor is a good choice for this character and adds something different for her to fight against.

This works well, we get a bit on Van Helsing’s new relationship and the reaction to someone who isn’t from this life to what she does. The worry is laid on a bit thick here, but I like the fact that someone outside of it all is involved – I do wonder where this will lead? I suspect, not well.

The beast itself seems pretty standard fair – Van Helsing doesn’t want to kill it, even though the locals want it dead, and she does her best to stop others from getting hurt. They do though and it is quite a violent issue.

The fight scenes are well done, both in the village and the countryside.

This leads us well to the ending, which links up nicely with some of the current problems Van Helsing is having with all the dimension-jumping shenanigans lately. This looks like it is leading up to something big.

You can get Van Helsing: Beast of Exmoor from Zenescope Entertainment from your local comic book shop or digitally.

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