Review – Grimm Tales of Terror: Goddess of Death

A new extra-large adventure from deaths this week from Zenescope Entertainment. This is Grimm Tales of Terror: Goddess of Death.

Keres is the Goddess of Death and has punished many deserving beings, sending them to pay for their sins for eternity in a hellish afterlife. But Keres isn’t the only one who should be feared. The world below is full of those who not only seek to take power, but also to escape the prison that holds them in order to enter our world. The 12 Kings of Hell are making their move and only Keres stands in the way of utter world-changing chaos. Will she be able to stop them and keep Hell from rising?

Writer: Pat Shand
Artwork: Eman Casallos, Ismael Canales & Juan Francisco Mota

This was a big story. Big in the size and length of the story, as well as being big in the case of the ramifications of the story.

This story does an amazing thing inside the pages. It builds up the world and the realms in such a detailed way, and then proceeds to tear it all down again, until, by the end, we get something new.

Building up the story, we get the history of Death. The one we know – Keres – her compatriots in the other realms and what has gone before. In opposition to this, we have the demon lords of hell. We’ve seen some of their plans in previous quarterly stories, but this goes into more details.

They have a plan.

This plan seems to work well, but of course there are those that oppose it. The demons want it of hell, and they are working on it.

From this point on, the right is on. It’s well good and has some interesting aspects and characters. I like the way the stairs are set up on this story, and as things build the balance of power continuously shifts.

The art works well here, and there are many good locations to play with here. In terms of action, it works well with different battle sequences. The colouring works well here too.

As I said at the beginning, there is a new status quo here, but also some new things for future adventures.

A good length and enjoyable read.

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