Review: Grimm Tales of Terror Presents Bachelorette Party

Another large-sized special from Zenescope Entertainment, with a good horror feel to it. This is Grimm Tales of Terror Presents Bachelorette Party.

Over the centuries it’s become customary to celebrate the bride-to-be with one last crazy night, bidding farewell to her old life. But when a group of friends decides to honor the upcoming marriage of one of their own with a classic bachelorette party, things begin to unravel and they quickly realize that some traditions are best left in the past.

Writer: Jenna Lyn Wright
Artwork: Vincent Cifuentes & Rodrigo Xavier

Taking advantage of the longer format of these comics, we are given the full opportunity to take in all the horror in this Bachelorette Party.

It starts with an ending, and quickly sets the scene of what we are to expect in this story.

Quickly though, we meet all the characters in the story and their different personalities. I like the Bridesmaids feel to the beginning. Things quickly to downhill though as the drinks begin to flow and there are flashes of what is to come.

When the true horror begins it is non-stop with it only pausing to give some explanation to what is going on. That pause is short lived, and the deaths continue.

This was a good done-in-one story, which I felt was a little slow in the first third. Nevertheless, when things start, it really doesn’t stop with some good moments for the parties involved.

The art here in on the action well, with some great scenes and varied tones. The party in the dark was will done here…

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