Review: Human Remains #3

From Vault Comics this week is the latest issue of Humain Remains

Disparate lives are woven together in this terrifying, new world where strong emotions are hunted by monstrous creatures. While General Sullivan tries to lure the lifeforms into a fight, Jessica finally finds the courage to leave her own domestic monster. Meanwhile, Naresh is about to investigate a community where there have been no attacks…before being delayed by an act of gut-wrenching horror.

Writer: Peter Milligan
Artist: Sally Cantirino
Colorist: Dearbhla Kelly
Letterer: Andworld Design
Designer: Tim Daniel
Cover A: Sally Cantirino, Cover B: Joshua Hixson

The monsters work her as more of a force of nature.

Yes, they are attracted to human emotion and are pretty relentless, but they do fade into the background here.

The violence isn’t as graphically shown here, although there are the gruesome results of their attacks. There are varying amounts of emotion in these attacks – and in some cases lack attacks – and I like the way that these play out. You can feel the frustration of those in charge, be it military or scientific. The plan of attack was interesting, and I like the way that ends up – an all-out stand-up fight would be too simple at this point of the story here, and I like the way it runs out.

The possibility of a group with no attacks is interesting, and I wonder what that will lead to. There are so many options available.

The stories here are starting to weave together well, with different characters and backgrounds linking through different reasons. The look at the relationships is well done and makes you feel along with the characters.

The art continues to be excellent, showing a lot of range here, with some excellent scenes and lighting in the colouring. This continues to be a deep story with many sides to it all.

These are the hooks and emotions that keep you invested.

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