Review: The Cage #1

From the team of Matt Garvey (writer), Dean Kotz (art) and J Francis Totti is a new series teased for a while – this is The Cage #1.

Considered too dangerous to be sent to a regular maximum-security prison; Walter Stone a second-generation “powerless” supervillain is sentenced to ten years in the super-prison affectionately known as The Cage.

written by Matt Garvey with art by Dean Kotz & colours by J Francis Totti (Prey For Us)

We start out here on the approach to the cage. This works really well as an introduction to Walt. Walt is a second-generation villain, and the commentary of the sentencing judge tells us about his suit and where he will be going.

The Cage. We get an interesting view of what to expect here. And it’s an interesting twist on the traditional super-prison that we see. The entrance is well shown with an awesome full-page spread.

As we learn the rules of the prison and the set-up of the running of it lays out well. From the governor to the masked guards – a cunning way of protecting them. The splitting up of powered (with dampeners) and non-powered convicts is a good idea and works well within the story.

Mid-way through, we get an exciting action-filled twist and the build-up to this was so quiet and serene that the page turn was a genuine shock that stuck with me.

This is a great start to an interesting storyline – already there is a good cast of characters, and some in the background that I like the look of. There is a tingling feeling of threat in the background – as you would expect from prison – and this ramps it up with a number of larger than life characters.

This was an excellent first issue, with some interesting character work, bare feet and a brilliant finish that hooks you in to read more.

You can get The Cage #1 from Garvey Comics – Matt also does an excellent series of YouTube videos that go through the processes, pitfalls and methods of making comics. Check out Garvey Comics here, and Making Comics here.

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