Spotlight: London Horror Comic

A staple of the conventions that I have been to, I caught up with London Horror Comic at the recent MCM Comic Con London and picked up a copy of The Best Of London Horror Comic.

A vampire with status anxiety. A trip on the underground that goes horribly wrong. An office worker pushed over the edge. Read some of the best stories from past issues collected in this single volume. A great starting point if you’re new to London Horror Comic.

Writer: John-Paul Kamath
Artists: Lee Ferguson, Dean Kotz
Colours: Hi-Fi Design
Letterer: Matty Ryan
Cover: Simon Myers

There’s an excellent selection in this anthology comic, with a lot to whet the appetite for more from London Horror Comic.
With a large size and a good mix of stories, this is a fun read and worthy of being on your bookshelf.

Kicking off with Cornered, we have a fun twist on the classic vampire tropes. It has a degree of humour here, which works well with the story and the comments made throughout ring nicely. The artwork really works with the buildup in the story too.

The Passenger is full of ups and downs as the character dies a thousand deaths before…
Well, I’m not going to give that away – a well-crafted tale.

Friends is an interesting one, and it works like a beginning to something more. I like the monologue and the way it repeats itself – very grim.

The Beast is something different. Getting right into the head of someone who just snaps. the build-up to it all is tense and the expression at the end with the shouting is an excellent finish. I like that final panel too.

Ring of Fire is a classic deal with the devil and well done too. Taking it deep and a stalker getting what he deserves. I like the way this is played – especially the end of it.

You can get London Horror Comic titles at their website, or digitally on Apple Books, ComiXology or Google Play.

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