Get Learn To Speak Cat: Fake Mews For This Christmas

The new collection boasts 100 strips from the long running series

From Soaring Penguin Press, just in time for you to get for the cat owner in your life, is the chance to learn how to understand them in this new collection of cartoons. This is Learn to Speak Cat:Fake Mews.

Learn to Speak Cat: Fake Mews
112 pages
Full colour 150 x 150 mm
UK £9.99
ISBN:  978-1-908030-47-4

Having run for over 5 years in the Metro Newspaper (London UK) Anthony Smith’s series is a local classic and staple of indie British media. More recently it has gained a worldwide audience online via syndication at GoComics. Soaring Penguin Press’ collected edition, Fake Mews, is designed to cater to both groups of fans, as well as to bring Learn to Speak Cat to more readers than ever before.

Creator Anthony Smith is himself a well-established figure in the UK design scene. Beginning his career working for Marvel UK, Knockabout and a host of other publishers, Smith moved into advertising where he has illustrated high profile TV and press campaigns for J. Walter Thompson and other ad agencies. More recently he has returned to comics and cartoons, with his work published regularly in the Private Eye. This year he also illustrated Soaring Penguin Press’ graphic novel, BLACK, an autobiography from second generation Windrush immigrant Tobias Taitt.

Learn to Speak Cat: Fake Mews is a perfect Christmas gift purchase, with a wide appeal to anyone who might enjoy getting a look inside the mind of their pet. Soaring Penguin Press is a big fan of cat-based comics itself, with several previous publications including Urban Tails and Sugar, featuring cats prominently. Asked about the appeal of Fake Mews in particular, Co-Publisher John Anderson stated:

“I showed the book to our cat. He didn’t immediately leave which I take as meaning he’s delighted with Anthony’s cartoons. And so he should be.”

Added Co-Publisher Tim Pilcher:

“Often whimsical, occasionally brutal, but always hilarious, Anthony Smith’s feline lexicon is instantly relatable and is undoubtedly the perfect gift for any cat owner. I love it and I don’t even own a cat.”

Learn to Speak Cat: Fake Mews is out now on the Soaring Penguin Press website.

Praise for Learn to Speak Cat

“Artist Anthony Smith nailed cat culture” – Adri Sandoval,

“Not sure what your cat is trying to tell you? Learn To Speak Cat is the book for you. Have a friend who’s potty about their moggy? Learn To Speak Cat is the perfect book for them.” – Gosh London

Learn To Speak Cat: Fake Mews can be found at:

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