Spotlight: After Midnight #1

I recently had the chance to read the fully funded on Kickstarter, After Midnight #1 from Greg Bain.

After Midnight was created in the spirit of humor magazines of the past, and is essentially my homage to Mad magazine. I first read Mad when I was 10 years old, and ever since then I’ve loved what it stands for. My comic isn’t trying to replicate an issue of Mad, but more the spirit of silliness and satire that Mad embodied.

This really appeals to my sensibilities. Some zany, sometimes dark humour. This is an enjoyable read, broken up into some good-sized pieces.

The classic black and white art really adds into the nostalgia and works with all of the stories.

Some of the stories in this issue are:

Some EXTREME advertising, with a new energy drink. This really gets you into it all and is as daft as you would expected. Some good satire here.

A nice two-pager with the struggles of an artist. I like the way the expected punch line plans out.

Some fun horror which I loved where it ends up. This is done great Halloween style comedy.

And some more great, funny short stories. I can imagine sitting down with these after going to a newsagent. A great read.

You can follow Greg Bain on Instagram here, Facebook here and on Kickstarter here.

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