Review – Grimm Spotlight: Hellchild

From Zenescope Entertainment this week is a special issue – Grimm Spotlight: Hellchild.

Half-goddess, half-vampire, Angelica Blackstone is one of the most powerful women in the Grimm Universe. Living in Los Angeles as a muscle-for-hire with a blurred ethical line, she has come across all forms of evil–from human trafficking and demonic possession to underground monster fight clubs. But an experience with one particular criminal boss has haunted her conscience: Tor, whose depravity knows no bounds, has made it to the top of her $#!& list.

Writer: Joe Brusha, Ralph Tedesco, Dave Franchini, David Wohl & Pat Shand
Artwork: Sergio Arino

This issue seems to have tied off the current adventures of Angelica Blackstone, and maybe added some new aspects to her personality.

Hellchild’s role in the Grimm Universe has always crossed the line – and straight from the off here, we see why. Hellchild cuts a brutal swath through various goons, and there is little remorse in her for this. She is going for the big boss and it soon becomes clear why she is being so brutal. The reasoning behind this is that she needs the blood – and this is one way to get it.

This power-up seems to help some, but she isn’t totally in control and the fight doesn’t go the way she wants to go.

After some deals, she is given a mission, but luckily for her, there is some help.

This help allows her to turn the tables in the end, but it may be some problems for Hellchild down the line, and that is always worth thinking about.

This issue was bloody and full of action. There are some excellent fight scenes here – even those that you think are ended. The result of which is some well thought out fights and endings.

The story behind Hellchild is well done, and it looks like she has a new outlook on life – and I wonder where that will lead her?

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