Review – Robyn Hood: Home Sweet Home

A new larger-sized one-shot from Zenescope Entertainment this week in Robyn Hood: Home Sweet Home.

After all of the roadblocks and hellish delays she has had getting back home, thanks to Smitty, Robyn would love more than anything to just relax. But, she has a few issues she’s determined to square away first. Robyn will stop at nothing to get to the bottom of Smitty’s recent motives and she might not be ready for what she finds!

Writer: Joe Brusha
Artwork: Ismael Canales

Finishing off these adventures for Robyn Hood, this was an interesting story, which didn’t go the way I expected.

What we did get is an interesting look into the past of Robyn, and her growing up. There are some really dark aspects to the story, as Robyn fights the demons of her past.

In more than one way.

Nevertheless, this seems to be adding a new dimension to Robyn. She has made peace with a lot of her past – even if that is her fault or not. This issue seems to have tied that wound off.

In the story, Robyn is back in New York and ready to have it out with her ‘trainer’ Smitty. Then things change to more mystical aspects, and with some interesting flashbacks, we see Robyn fighting against what happened to her as a child. The subject is interesting, and I like the way it was dealt with here – deeper on a different level.

The action is pretty good here, slightly short-lived in parts, but well laid out and the scenes make a lot of sense.

Going forward, we may see a different side to Robyn – she still has that literal dark side of herself to battle, but I think she is more prepared.

A good issue to close out these current adventures for Robyn and to move on.

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