Review: Rise of the Djinn #3

From Zenescope Entertainment is the final issue of this mini-series. This is Rise of the Djinn #3.

In this climactic issue, the Shedim makes his move to take over the Djinn. But will Tamara make the ultimate sacrifice to stop him, and the war, before it’s too late?

Writer – Kevin Grevioux
Artwork – Elmo Bondoc
Colors – Jorge Cortes

Completing the story and bringing this tale to an end.

This final issue squeezes quite a lot in, with battles of various sorts, Tamara’s family and faith and a possible new ruler.

The action first – the fighting works really well. Combining magic and claws to the same extent (and later, other weapons) The way they are laid out works well, with only a couple of confusing aspects and angles.

There is a good middle section, where things are a little calmer – these feature recovery and a look at faith. This is an interesting aspect and one that I didn’t expect. Nevertheless, it makes the final fight more even, with some good points and counter-points being made.

This was an interesting mini-series, experimenting with something new away from the the Grimm Universe.

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