Review: Dracula’s Daughter

Charlotte, Dracula’s Daughter, is on a quest to find her notorious father. The only problem is, where he’s lost is the Underworld, and how he got there is because of her half-sister, the legendary vampire hunter Liesel Van Helsing–a memory so raw, it’s the only thing Charlotte hates more than the situation she is in now. All of that is in the past now, and she is determined to locate her dad, but what she finds along the way may be more than she asked for.

Story – Joe Brusha, Ralph Tedesco, Dave Franchini, David Wohl & Pat Shand
Writer – Pat Shand
Artwork – Allan Otero, Renato Rei, Julius Abrera, & Alessandro Uezu
Colors – Grostieta & Vinicius Andrade

From Zenescope Entertainment comes a follow-up to Van Helsing’s battles in the underworld – what happened to Dracula’s Daughter?

Covering what happens after Van Helsing’s battle in the Return Of The League of Monsters, Dracula’s Daughter – Charlotte – is looking to rescue her father from the underworld.

Charlotte is pretty driven, and she does find her father’s form in pretty short order, although the soul of Dracula seems a little harder to find. Dracula’s soul has been split and is under the protection of three of the princes of hell. These three princes have their own powers and ways, and Charlotte must traverse against them to reclaim the soul.

She’s not alone though, she picks up a strange guide, and he has his own ways. His story is not fully told, but there is plenty of interest there.

As we pick our way through the kingdoms of hell, there are some interesting glances to the backstory of Charlotte – her birth and childhood – these are fractured and well told, and some are a little untrustworthy.

As we come to the end, there is an excellent closing of the loop, with Charlotte coming up against her origins in a weird way. I like the way this is set up as we get close.

No spoilers for the ending, but what was given to us was something new, with an open door for the future.

The artwork is excellent, with a lot to play with. The various demons and the background of these kingdoms are shown really well.

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