Review: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #129

This is the latest issue from IDW Publishing. Here are some thoughts on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #129.

Donatello struggles to escape from the fiendish Dr. Barlow! The Turtles attempt to save him but first they’ll have to have a final showdown with the Punk Frogs!
Plus the long-awaited introduction of Sluggothy!

Writer – Sophie Campbell
Artist, Cover Artist – Pablo Tunica
Variant Cover Artist – Freddie Williams II
Variant Cover Artist – Kevin Eastman

First the end. This issue finishes with the explosive problem that has been bookending the last few issues to the world and town of the TMNT. How that is going to work out will be a problem.

Meanwhile, Donatello is in trouble, and he looks for help to get out of it. This comes from a couple of surprising sources. The first is Venus herself, who has been mentally helping Donatello in accessing the spirit world. This works well for Donnie, and he finds someone to help. No spoilers, but it is a good one, and interesting addition to the story. Venus aids further in their escape, and adds something new. She will be an interesting addition, and I wonder where her story will lead.

Raph and Casey have a bit of an altercation – but I think this was cleansing for both of them, they need to do this every so often!

The rest have slightly got the wrong end of the stick with the Punk Frogs, and I hope this get cleared up before anyone gets hurt.

This was a good issue and continues to add and bring things together, there is some excellent art and fights scenes too.

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