Review – Transformers: Last Bot Standing #1

New from IDW Publishing is a spinoff mini-series – This is Transformers: Last Bot Standing #1.

When the last stars flicker and fade, who will be the only Cybertronian left? The planet Donnokt sits on the edge of the universe, far away from all the stars that are flickering and fading out one last time. It is a world on the precipice of revolution-industrialization-taking its first steps into the realms of the mechanical. And on the far edge of nowhere, a Visitor arrives, and Donnokt will never be the same again. The war for Cybertron may be long over… but the war from Cybertron never ends.

Writer, Cover Artist – Nick Roche
Artist, Variant Cover Artist – E.J. Su
Colorist – Rebecca Nalty
Colorist, Cover Artist – Josh Burcham
Variant Cover Artist – Alex Milne
Variant Cover Artist – Gavin Spence
Variant Cover Artist – Phil Knott

This was an interesting beginning to the mini-series. I really like the way it is built up. We’ve had a lot of the mechanised lifeforms in the main Transformers and spinoff series. This issue concentrates on the organics.

From a backwater planet, with some semblance of technology, this gave me the feel of the old west. As the villagers go about their business, there is a ‘bot landed in some sort of escape pod on the planet. As the days move on, this Transformer makes his way to the town in an explosive outcome.

It was artfully done, with some excellent teases and some good action. The characters are well made up, with some excellent interactions between them all.

There is a massive twist in the story, and I like the way this played out – even on a second reading it works well. I enjoyed the story and the way it was all plotted.

The art is well done, with broken-down bots and dusty old-west style art.

This was an intriguing beginning with a finish which to a weird turn and makes you want to pick up the next issue out of strange curiosity.

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