Review – Grimm Spotlight: Zodiac

A new one-shot story this week from Zenescope Entertainment. This is Grimm Spotlight: Zodiac.

Zodiac is trying to turn over a new leaf and right the wrongs of his past. But redemption is not so easy when you’ve worked as an enforcer for the I.R.A and an assassin for an evil magician. His task is about to get much harder when he’s paid a visit by a criminally insane relative who wants him back in the family business. Guest starring the Black Knight.


This one-shot deals with the background of Zodiac, and adds something extra to his character.

He knows that he hasn’t been a good person, and that weighs heavily on him. The flashbacks make things worse for him, and I’m sure we will lean more into these aspects of the character.

It’s good to use these spotlight issues to keep the characters on rotation and fresh. Here, he is not only backed up by The Black Knight, but it looks like he is starting to build on his own set of rogues to take down. one of which is going to be a long-term problem.

The addition of a family member looking for help builds in well with the character and the use of them all. the link to his more recent past is added in too.

This was a pretty fast-paced issue, with some good fight scenes and some standard tropes. The art is well done and mixes the more technological parts of Zodiac with the fantasy elements of Black Knight and his foes.

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