Review: Saga #16

December 1, 2013 Michael Nimmo 0

Two war correspondents stumble onto the biggest story in the universe.   We’ve kind of caught up with ourselves here, with the Prince arriving at the authors house, and we’ve now seen everything that goes […]

Review: Manhattan Projects #16

November 17, 2013 Michael Nimmo 0

“FINITE OPPENHEIMERS,” Part Two An in-depth look at the second decade of the ongoing war inside Oppenheimer’s brain. It’s endless brothers versus brothers: It’s the Oppenheimer Civil War! Working this issue outside of Oppenheimer’s head […]

Review: Iron Man #16

October 7, 2013 Michael Nimmo 0

Not the conclusion, not yet….but a conclusion! An escape from the scene of the crime. How is Tony Stark deceiving the Guardians of the Galaxy? A surprise Tony was trying to avoid. And I’m still […]