Review – Grimm Spotlight: Hellchild

January 13, 2022 Michael Nimmo 0

From Zenescope Entertainment this week is a special issue – Grimm Spotlight: Hellchild. Half-goddess, half-vampire, Angelica Blackstone is one of the most powerful women in the Grimm Universe. Living in Los Angeles as a muscle-for-hire […]

Review: Hellchild: The Unholy #1

November 3, 2016 Michael Nimmo 0

  Hellchild returns with a new 5 issue mini series subtitled ‘Invisible People’ We jump right into Hellchild’s status quo in the monster underground – fighting is what she knows and what she does best […]

Review: Hellchild #5

July 22, 2016 Michael Nimmo 0

Thoughts on the final issue of Hellchild from Zenescope     Angelica & Hades fianally get together as Olaf and the Vampires show their true colours to the Hellchild. It is a satisfying conclusion to […]

Reviews: Hellchild #4

June 17, 2016 Michael Nimmo 0

My thoughts on this weeks digital comics from Zenescope     Angelica has formed an uneasy alliance with Olaf and things don’t look good for Hades and the ladies as plans are made from both […]