A Doctor Who Humble Bundle Sale

September 27, 2018 Michael Nimmo 0

Get a selection of Doctor Who digital comics in this Humble Bundle sale! Pay what you want for awesome ebooks and support charity: Get a Humble exclusive First Doctor comic, volumes on the Third and […]

Review: Dawn Of War #1

May 19, 2017 Michael Nimmo 0

My thoughts on the latest Warhammer comic from Titan Comics – Dawn Of War #1 Set during the events of the upcoming third game in the real-time strategy video game series, which sees the Space […]

Preview: Dawn of War #1

May 16, 2017 Michael Nimmo 0

Here’s a preview of the newest Warhammer comic from Titan Comics! CREDITS Writing: Ryan O’Sullivan Covers: Orjan Svendsen (A), David Sondered (B), Game Art (C), Pasquale Qualanao & Marco Lesko (D), Fabio Listrani (E) Pencils/Inks: Daniel Indro Colours: Kevin Enhart Lettering: Rob […]

Reviews: Doctor Who – 9, 10 & 12

December 6, 2015 Michael Nimmo 0

Reviews of the latest Doctor Who digital comics from Titan Comics Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor #5 • ‘Weapons of Past Destruction’ concludes! • Did we really just read last issue’s staggering cliffhanger? Has one […]

Review: Assassin’s Creed #2

November 14, 2015 Michael Nimmo 0

‘Trial By Fire’ Part 2 of 5 Events in Salem turn terrifying as Assassin Tom Stoddard faces the townspeople’s rising hysteria while they bay for the blood of supposed witches. Viewing his memories, Charlotte witnesses […]

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