WOWIO: Helen Killer, M.I.T.H & More…

Lovely Demon: Demonic- Reaper Chronicles #1

Our story begins with a toy engineer who is fed up with the current state of his career. Unknowingly while having a discussion with a cute girl, who shown an immense interest in his work, made a wish for success. Shortly after, He found himself thrown miraculously into the height of success. He found the reason for his success 10 years later that he made a deal with a Demonic-Reaper. Now his soul belongs to this “lovely”‘ loving Demonic- Reaper. She takes him back with her, where there is a society of Demonic-Reapers existing in a parallel dimension.

Death Comes To Dillinger – Issue 01

In the old West, Death is a drifter, and when he rides into town, it means somebody is going to die. This time, he’s parked at the saloon in Dillinger and the local banker is convinced Death is there to claim his ill daughter. The banker will attempt to stop the inevitable, even if he must confront Death himself.

Fiction Clemens – Chapter 01

Falsely accused of stealing women from the jealous Tiberious Kitchens, our hero Fiction Clemens stumbles into the thick of a cosmic conspiracy to drag his Old West world into the Space Age. Equal parts Steampunk, surrealist folktale, and dark western sci-fi comedy.

Helen Killer – Issue 01

At the dawn of the 20th Century, twenty-one year old college student Helen Keller has a dark secret – science has restored her lost senses and granted her unimaginable power. Will she use it protect herself and her country…or will it destroy them both?

M.I.T.H. – Chapter 01

What if the U.S. government controlled a storehouse of the most powerful occult artifacts of the age? What if magic was real and an integral part of the Defense Budget? What if nuclear war was the very least of our worries?Army Ranger Hamilton Crow is about to find out, having become the newest recruit of M.I.T.H., the Magical Intelligence Tactical Headquarters. His first mission: to retrieve a stolen nuclear weapon and halt an apocalyptic conspiracy headed by a mystic Mayan shaman, bringing him face-to-face with a destructive force unlike anything crafted by man.

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