3 Million Years was the amount of time that the Mining Ship ‘Red Dwarf’ was away from earth!

I’ve been a comics fan for a long time.
From reading the Beano, moving up to 2000 AD and Marvel UK to the massive selection of comics available now.

So many genres!

3 Million Years started out as a personal blog, but soon I wanted more from it.
Around the same time, I realised that there wasn’t comic book shops near me – and I still wanted to read comics.
Luckily for me, the digital comics revolution was starting around then.
The lucky thing for me (and you?) was that the big publishers hadn’t really caught on – there was a lot of smaller publishers getting on though, and that’s when I really got into digital comics

From conversations online and with friends I realised that there were people who wanted to read comics but couldn’t get to them.

3 Million Years was born!

From then on I’ve interviewed the likes of Dave Gibbons and David Lloyd, while introducing people to new creators and publishers.

There’s more to come!

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