3 Million Years was the amount of time that the Mining Ship ‘Red Dwarf’ was away from earth!

This is me! 35 this year and still reading comic books! Married with 3 children and still feeling young(ish)

3 Million Years started off as a general blog, but now I’m trying to add to that by adding some of my own comics as well as thoughts, news and other points of interest!

Some of the main points I am trying to include within this site are the alterenative methods of reading comics – i.e. digital.

Living far away from any comic book shop have forced me to resort to other methods. I now read many webcomics, Zuda, Marvel Digital and many iPhone based comics.

This method has taken me further away from the readings of the ‘big two’ and more into the arms of independant and smaller comic book publishers.

My aim in this site is to inform, preview and review of goings on digitally.

I am on the look out for co-conspirators who can review webcomics, and comics in other formats – Android, iPad and PSP! – Email me


To say about me though: I am a Marvel/DC fan , but I read independent comics, as well as some of the more obscure stuff on my Comixology App on the iPhone!
I cut my teeth reading 2000AD in the UK and have grown up with the likes of Grant Morrison, Warren Ellis, Garth Ennis and Alan Moore.


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