Interested In Reading Digital Comics?

Do you want to read on the go? Are there no local comic book shops near you?

Digital comics have become the norm, but how can you get them, pay for them, and read them?


There is a lot of cross-capability to read digital comics. Most of the apps and publishers below allow you to download apps on Android or Apple devices. The Amazon Kindle has its own native Kindle reader (where comics are available) as well as the Amazon app store having some comics apps. Note: ComiXology is owned by Amazon, so you can use your Amazon account and titles bought on Kindle are available on ComiXology.
Webcomics usually have a mobile option, which makes reading on a tablet or phone easier.


The Android has its own dedicated category for comics, while on Apple you can search for ‘comics’
Many of the apps available feature many different publishers – for example, ComicHaus or ComiXology, but publishers have their own apps too – Dark Horse, 2000 AD, and Marvel Comics are examples of these.
There are also Webcomic apps like Tapas and WebToons.


ComiXology is the biggest app/provider. They have many publishers available in their library, and also have their own publishing arm (ComiXology Originals). There are other distributors such as ComicHaus (see below for subscription model), and DriveThruComics which provide digital PDF downloads of the comics.


Many publishers have their own apps. Some, like Marvel and DC Comics apps, are linked to or powered by ComiXology, so the layout will be familiar. Dark Horse Comics, as well as being on ComiXology, have their own app – this app features Dark Horse Comics and Dynamite Entertainment. 2000 AD also have their own reading app, as well as a web store where you can download PDF versions of their comics.

Subscription Digital Comics

Moving away from the iTunes version of buying individual comics, some publishers and distributors are moving towards the ‘Netflix model’
marvel has the Marvel Unlimited subscription service which allows you to read from the companies back catalog.
Comichaus concentrate on the small press/independent creators, with not only a subscription model, but also print shop too. Comichaus allows you to leave reviews too.
There is also Graphite that uses an advertising revenue.


As well as webcomics now being available to read online on dedicated websites or on sites such as Tumblr, you can also read comics on Instagram. There are also distributors of webcomics such as Webtoon and Tapas – these are backed up with apps. Reading these comics ranges from free to premium prices.

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