Review: Hawk The Slayer #4

From Rebellion comes the penultimate part, this is Hawk The Slayer #4.

  • UK and DIGITAL: 13 July £3.99

The all-new comic-book sequel to the cult sword n’ sorcery movie continues as Hawk and his companions battle the nightmarish horrors of the Forest of Weir.

CREATIVE TEAM: Garth Ennis (w) Henry Flint (a) Rob Steen (l)
COVER: Greg Staples

You can always trust evil to betray. And in this case, it works out well and takes one threat off the board. Of course that still leaves Voltan, but we’ve got the final issue for that!

This was a good issue, I like the slow turn and realisation of the betrayal by Voltan, it makes sense, and leaves something for us to ponder.

We also learn not only more about the Mindstone and its origins, but how it is linked to the destruction of the elves. This is an interesting story and is well told, the resulting fact makes it more interesting.

A note about the artwork here, this has been excellent throughout, but I was especially taken by the more explosive scenes. The choice of the colours really works well with the story, and the story within a story, being told.

The battle in this issue is well told and not without its casualties, there had to be some to drive the story and this was well done here.

Roll on the finale!

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