Review: The Pride #1

January 13, 2018 kiaranimmo 0

Holding Out For a Hero FabMan, sick of being treated as a joke and seeing no representation for the LGBTQ in a world full of heroes, assembles the greatest super powered LGBTQ heroes from around […]

Review: Van Helsing Vs Robyn Hood #1

January 11, 2018 Michael Nimmo 0

Robyn and Liesel learn that they’re each separately on the trail of a seedy crime boss who’s experimenting on humans while developing an extremely dangerous designer drug. But neither Robyn nor Liesel are prepared for […]

Review: 2000 AD – Prog 2062

January 5, 2018 Michael Nimmo 0

My thoughts on this weeks 2000 AD – Prog 2062 Thrills of the Future –¬†Durham Red will be returning to the pages of 2000 AD soon! JUDGE DREDD: ECHOES¬†by Michael Carroll (w) Colin MacNeil (a) […]

Review: Dance Of The Dead #3

January 5, 2018 Michael Nimmo 0

There is no safe haven in the Shadowlands! As Mystere and Jasmine escape each threat, they find another more deadly one waiting for them. Every danger they encounter seems to be pushing them deeper into […]

Review – Robyn Hood: The Hunt #6

December 29, 2017 Michael Nimmo 0

My thoughts on the final part of this 6 issue series! Robyn, has been electrocuted, imprisoned, beaten and nearly killed on numerous occasions during her stay in the other-dimensional prison, The Dungeon. With the hope […]

Review: Chasing Hitler #2

December 23, 2017 Michael Nimmo 0

My thoughts on the second issue of Chasing Hitler from Red 5 Comics Two Allied commandos have discovered the greatest secret of WWII – Adolf Hitler faked his death and is preparing to rebuild his […]

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