Review: Quests Aside #2

From Vault Comics are my thoughts on Quests Aside #2 building on the strong opening issue.

Once a legendary adventurer, Barrow now runs a bar — and the King just declared he’s shutting it down. So, what does Barrow do? Does he tell his staff? Nope. He goes into full denial mode, sticks his head in the sand, and struggles to remember why he got out of the game to begin with.

Writer: Brian Schirmer
Artist: Elena Gogou
Colorist: Rebecca Nalty
Letterer: Andworld Design
Designer: Tim Daniel
Cover A: Elena Gogou, Cover B: Michael Dialynas

Building off the strong introduction in the first issue, this issue adds more to the tales around the tavern. I really like the way the characters are built up, with each having their own distinct personalities and problems, making this feel like a sitcom like Cheers!

But with more fantasy archetypes!

The characters really begin to grow on you. They are well told and you get a feeling as to how they would react in a given situation, and that is a good thing to get so early into a series.

The problems of this tavern getting closed down, and the worries over what will happen next are built into this sorry, and how will the King react to the fact that Barrow doesn’t want to. He’s also in aguish over his old adventure days, with an entertaining support meeting helping him through it all.

I’m enjoying the art here, it has a really good feel to it all, with a lot to look at and some nice fine details – including the retired barbarian with a bald spot!

Although this issue doesn’t end with a cliffhanger to hook you into issue #3, you want it though, as there is enough in here to make you want to see what happens next.

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