Review: Lead City #3

From Red 5 Comics is the penultimate issue of this mini-series. This is Lead City #3.

Bullets fly and contestants fall as the body count rises in Lead City. Colman takes Lady Lullaby in his sights and tangles with Ravinder Singh. Wendell Walker and Jiao-long Ru face off in a deadly hand-to-hand contest in the chop house. Colman and Leslie Sharp square off over music, trust, and the paying of debts. While the sadistic Harlan Crouch shows everyone how he got the fearsome moniker the “Huntsville Hammer.”

Ben Bender

The competitors are thinning out here, with some interesting matchups. I like the way this plays out, from fast, to slow.

We get to look inside the heads of some of the characters here, with some good narratives being told.

The violence is pretty brutal – I like the fight scenes though and the various ways of dispatching the fighters have been varied and interesting.

Colman seems to be still a little out of his depth here, and he has been lucky to stay alive from this point – now that there are fewer, they are a lot more dangerous. The battles are going to mean more, and this really is hammered home.

The art is excellent, with some great violent scenes and different angles of the victim and victors.

It will be interesting to see how this ends up…

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