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More and more digital comic ties with movies and games – Dark Horse seem to have got this down well too, following on from their ‘The Thing’ prequel.

2012’s gaming season is upon us, and players everywhere can look forward to all sorts of great experiences over the next few months. Among them is Activision’s highly anticipated sequel “Prototype 2,” which focuses on a new protagonist: Sgt. James Heller, a cop with superhuman abilities who butts head with the hero from the original game.

To celebrate the release of the upcoming game, Dark Horse announced this morning that it is working on a three-issue digital comic that ties in with the “Prototype” universe, featuring a storyline that bridges the gap between the two games. Set to release across a three month period (starting in February), the story is written by game writer Dan Jolley and features artists Paco Diaz, Chris Staggs and Victor Drujiniu.

In order to get a better insight as to what we could expect from the “Prototype” comics, we spoke with editor Dave Marshall in an exclusive interview. Marshall explained how Dark Horse and Activision came to work together on the project, the relationship Dark Horse had with “Protoype 2” developer Radical Entertainment in creating the perfect story and what fans of the original game can expect from the series. Mutant limbs popping out of the ground, anyone?

Read the interview here:

EXCLUSIVE: Marshall Discusses “Prototype 2” Digital Comics – Comic Book Resources.

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