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Archie Marries Valerie Part 4 – “Here and Now!” – In the conclusion to the Archie Marries Valerie saga, Valerie finds herself at Memory Lane peering into her and Archie’s future together. A star is born, literally, as their daughter Star enters the world and inherits her parents’ talent for music, bringing massive amounts of attention to the tiny prodigy! However, this isn’t the only possible future marriage Valerie gets a glimpse of, as it seems Archie can get any girl he wants! We’ve seen what would happen if Archie married Betty, Veronica and now Valerie but what about the other girls of Riverdale? See what a variety of paths would bring as a multitude of Archie weddings are explored here in these pages!

Script: Dan Parent
Art & Cover: Dan Parent
On Sale at Comic Specialty Shops: 6/27
32-page, full color comic
$2.99 US.


A fun-filled day at the circus is cut short when Veronica is kidnapped by an evil clown! Archie and Reggie rise to the call of duty as their super alter egos, Pureheart the Powerful and Evilheart the Great! Will the super friends be able to rescue Ronnie from certain doom or will the madman wipe the floor with our heroes on his own turf? The answer lies in the nail-biting conclusion of “Terror in the Center Ring” involving tigers, hypnotists and a death-defying trapeze act!

Script: Frank Doyle
Art: Bill Vigoda
Cover: Fernando Ruiz
160-page, full color comic


Summer is here again and the girls are looking for work! Veronica’s father tries convincing his daughter to take a high-paying job working at one of his surf shops but who would possibly want to be cooped up indoors all summer? Meanwhile, Betty debates taking a surfing instructor job alongside the hunky super surfer Josh but the pay isn’t quite enough to save for college. How do you suppose Veronica will turn the situation to her advantage? Find out in “The Job”!

Script: George Gladir
Art: Jeff Shultz, Al Milgrom
Cover: Dan DeCarlo
160-page, full color comic




“Ashes to Ashes” Part Two: Tragedy strikes the town of Red Circle! Shaken by the devastation to their town and families, the heirs to the Crusaders legacy face one more surprise: Joe Higgins, aka The Shield, is their legal guardian! But secret bunkers, talking space monkeys and hidden weapon caches aren’t exactly the best way to make a first impression. Who knew? The kids made it through a battle with the murderous Brain Emperor – but can they get past Joe Higgins?

Script: Ian Flynn
Art: Ben Bates, Gary Martin, John Workman, and Matt Herms

Cover: Ben Bates

32-page, full color comic

Archie’s Comic-Con Chaos! #1

118 pages! Holy Digital Exclusive! Archie, Chuck and the gang are heading to the comic convention! We’ve collected over 100 pages of the Archie crew’s most comical comic con experiences! Which one of the girls will win the Cosplay Costume Contest? Can Chuck Clayton strike a publishing deal for his new comics? And just how will the gang crack the Crooked Comic-Con Caper?! Explore the expanses of the convention floor with creators like Dan Parent, Fernando Ruiz, Alex Segura and Bill Galvan!

Jughead’s All-You-Can-Eat Extravaganza! #1

109 pages! How much food can Jughead eat? That depends on how much food you have! Join Riverdale’s favorite bottomless pit in this Digital Exclusive feeding frenzy! We’ve collected over 100 pages of Jughead’s wildest pig-outs, with stories from fan-favorite artists like Rex Lindsey, Fernando Ruiz and Bill Galvan. Can he beat the competition in the pie-eating contest? Can he drop some pounds when his eating habits make him super-sized? And can he stop eating long enough to FALL IN LOVE?! We hope you brought some napkins, folks!




Sonic’s Friendly Nemesis: Knuckles #1

After the final chapter of “Sense of History”, is the outstanding, unbelievably fantastic debut of Knuckles Mini-Series #1! And entire comic dedicated to the adventures of everyone’s favorite hot-tempered, no-nonsense echidna. You will enjoy action and intrigue with a little dose of fun… Knuckles-style! As you can plainly see, things have gone from ad to worse for our favorite echidna. That’s ok, though, Knuckles is not a quitter so don’t count him out just yet! This issue, we finally witness the debut of Archimedes the Fire-Ant and the ancient evil of Enerjak.


Sonic’s Friendly Nemesis: Knuckles #2

Enerjak has returned from the dark shadows of Echidna history to make sure the future belongs to him! Knuckles, with the help of the mysterious Archimedes, aim to stop Enerjak from completing his goal. Of course, that’s hard to do when you’ve been stranded in the desert without food or water! And speaking of food, that’s exactly what they’re trying to avoid from becoming… worm food that is!


Sonic’s Friendly Nemesis: Knuckles #3

The sparks are going to fly now that the Enerjak-controlled Chaotix are about to give Knuckles and Archimedes their own version of a “Knuckle sandwich!” Besides that match-up, you’ll also see the main event! It’s “Echidna vs. Echidna” as Knuckles and Enerjak have a battle royale that will make even the most skilled wrestler cry!



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