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Witch Hunter #8
Story & Letters: Vincent Ferrante
Pencils: Scott
Inks: Victor Dominicis
Color: Alzir Alves
Editor: Lisa Hager
Genre: Superhero, Adventure, Horror, Sci Fi, Fantasy
Format: Full color, 36 pages
Price: $0.99
Publisher: Monarch Comics

Transported to the lost art colony of Albright Springs, Pennsylvania, on the shore of Lake Erie, by its self-appointed guardian, The Expressionist, Witch Hunter and his aide, Kitty, race to stop the serial killings in the town where art doesn’t just imitate life, but creates it, before it becomes a city of death! In the backup story, the origin of Kitty is told, where we are shown how a vain society girl from the 1880’s lost face and gained immortality, and is now forced to emote through a drama mask that displays the true nature of everything she sees…except herself.





Fallen Justice #5
Writers: Cary Kelley & Steven Forbes
Artist: Harold Edge
Colors: Ross Hughes
Letters: Cary Kelley
Editor: Ken Janssens
Genre: Superhero / Action
Format: Full color, 24 pages
Price: $0.99 USD
Publisher: Red Handed Studios

Fallen Justice tells the story of what happens when the most powerful hero in the world finds out he’s dying and has 3 months to live. The series begins shortly before he hears the news and then deals with the repercussions of what he decides to do, and the lengths he goes to trying to accomplish his goals of changing the world for the better and leaving things safe for average everyday people. Think about it. If you had enough power to do anything you wanted, and they told you that you have 3 months to live, what would you do with that power? Would you be evil? Would you remain good? Would you do evil for a greater good? Fallen Justice is about the decisions a man makes when backed into the ultimate corner.




Dynagirl #4
Writer: Cary Kelley
Artist: Harold Edge
Colors: Lisa Moore
Letters: Cary Kelley
Editor: Ken Janssens
Genre: Superhero / Action
Format: Full color, 26 pages
Price: $0.99 USD
Publisher: Red Handed Studios

Five years after the tragic end of Fallen Justice we find Kerri Masters struggling in more ways than one with the events of the past. She has retired, and seemingly moved on from her former life as one of the most powerful heroes in the world. But when she meets a mysterious woman who offers her the chance to return to her glory days as the costumed heroine Dynagirl, she must finally come face to face with the ghosts that seem to haunt her wherever she goes.





Deadhorse #3
Writer: Eric Grissomo
Pencils & inks: Phil Sloan
Colors: David Halvorson
Genre: Mystery
Language: English
Format: Full color, 24 pages
Price: $0.99
Publisher: 215 Ink

A reclusive man receives a strange key from his deceased father and wants answers. His neighbors want lunch.








Dill Gherkin and the Legend of the Christmas Pickle
Writer/Artist: George Broderick, Jr.
Genre: Humor, Adventure, Christmas
Language: English
Format: Full color, 43 pages
Price: $0.99
Publisher: Cule Yule Comics

It’s a tradition of Germanic origin… or maybe not! It’s a harrowing story of two Spanish boys, on their way home from boarding school, who run afoul of a sinister innkeeper… possibly! It’s a tale of strength, determination and a Christmas miracle set amidst the American Civil War… potentially! It’s a legend that has spawned its own festival and parade in a southwestern Michigan town… definitely!

DILL GHERKIN and the LEGEND OF THE CHRISTMAS PICKLE is a fanciful guide to a family tradition whose origins are shrouded in mystery, as told by Dill Gherkin — The Bringer of the Christmas Pickle! Santa brings the presents… the reindeer bring Santa… but only Dill Gherkin brings… THE CHRISTMAS PICKLE! Along with laughs, chuckles and gafaws a-plenty.


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