DriveThruComic Wish You a Happy New Year With Titles From Bluewater, Visionary Comics & More


Back to the new year and DriveThruComics have released their first list of new digital comics available to download online.

We’re kicking off 2013 with tons of new comics! Publishers include: Bluewater ProductionsAsylum PressTop Cow Productions, and Pop! Goes the Icon. Plus, for all you aspiring artists out there, we’ve got new “how to draw” art books from FW Media.

Want to stay on top of comics news? Find new podcasts from Decapitated Dan and Secret Identity!

So much awesome new comics stuff to download and digest! You can take a look at all of the new goodies by clicking over to the handy New Release page. Start the new year right — with new comics!!!

Free Product of the Week

Free weekly productTales of the Starlight Drive-In #1
by Visionary Comics

Writer Mike San Giacomo presents 32 stories taking place over 50 years at a Drive-In Theater, featuring 21 artists from around the world.

Mirroring life and the cinema with tales of crime, romance, science fiction, musicals, even a western, each stand-alone story combines to create a single novel with a powerful, shocking finale you won’t forget!

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Other Featured Titles

Featured TitleGod the Dyslexic Dog Volume 3
by Bliss on Tap

For the love of doG! A young dyslexic boy and his dog (who just happens to be God) do battle against Darwin, evolution and mankind’s old, discarded gods, one last time. The end of the world has never been more fun or twisted.

Six years in the making, this cult-classic concludes with Alex Nino delivering some of his finest work in decades.

Includes an introduction and sketch art by award-winning artist Ashley Wood and ten bonus pages of development art by Alex Nino.


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Featured TitleVincent Price Presents The Tingler #1
by Blue Water Productions

In this SPECIAL 2-PART SERIES, the direct sequel to the Vincent Price classic The Tingler.

Dr. Chapin and his crew search for a primitive tribe with ties to the elusive creature spawned from fear with a grip like iron.

But what they find in the dark jungle gives new meaning to the word terror!

$3.99 $1.99

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Featured TitleLady Arcane: The Magic Is Alive
by Heroic Publishing

Begin the Quest for Lady Arcane with this trade paperback collection of her classic early adventures!

From the pages of Champions v2 #9, Flare #2, Flare v2 #1, 3, and 5, and Lady Arcane #1.

These are Donnah Victoria Hannah’s most sought-after tales, featuring guest appearances by Flare, Doctor Arcane, and the ever-naughty Black Enchantress.

Stories by Dennis Mallonee and Colin Wales, artwork by Chris Marrinan, Dell Barras, Howard Simpson, and Duval Stowers!

$23.50 $7.99

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The Holy Bible

This timely collection of stories reminds us how deeply men’s images fill religious traditions worldwide.

Dr. Walter Greason (Department of History, Monmouth University) and Jiba Molei Anderson created The Holy Bible: Dignity & Divinity to ask two fundamental questions.:

How would familiar tales like the Garden of Eden and the Nativity differ if the women in the stories were the central characters? Can we understand women as being as divine as men, if we shift our perspectives on our religious values?  

The Holy Bible: Dignity & Divinity presents an important revelation about the universal power religion retains in the twenty-first century.  

Where commerce often takes center stage through a secular understanding of the holidays, these portraits remind readers that humility, piety, introspection, and integrity hold unique power to inspire a cynical world.
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Man to Leaves

In the distant future, three people are pulled together as war in our solar system consumes world after world.

Mnieshi is the terrorist leader of the synthetic humans, whose destiny is yet to be written.

Kai, the strange being who is the last of his race, protects a mysterious synthetic girl that both the Synthetics and Humans want. Sasha, the woman Kai will face who betrayed him ten years before, and who will do anything to save him now.

A girl is found in deep space with no memory of who she was, or where she came from. She holds the key to the disappearance of the entire moon of titan eleven years before, the home world of the mysterious Exceptions, a super race who constructed the Synthetic Humans. Kai, the last of the exceptions, must transport this girl to earth, as human and machine wage war, and try to kill him and destroy the information the girl might contain.

Who were Kai, Sasha, and Mnieshi? Love and betrayal ignite a revenge that will destroy a world.

Collected for the first time, Christopher Shy’s seminal novel of the future played out against a back drop of madness and violence and the price we all pay for everlasting love, and what we will do to never lose it.

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The Utopian #1

The Utopian collects the first 32 pages of Pj Perez’s serial webcomic about a listless high school senior who attempts to make change in his little world by adopting the anonymous identity of “The Utopian.”

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Pick of the Week

Pick of the Week10th Muse: The Image Comics Run Volume 1
by Blue Water Productions

Greek mythology has documented the nine Muses, the inspirational daughters of the almighty Zeus. But history forgot one–the Tenth Muse.

Emma, Brett and Dawn were the best of friends — until Emma disappeared, leaving only a note saying goodbye. Now, eight years later, Emma is back, without answers. What happened to Emma? What is her connection with Grayson Bishop, and, most of all, how did ordinary Emma Sonnet become the mysterious TENTH MUSE?

Introducing The Tenth Muse, a new kind of super-hero saga unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. A mystery. An action series. A character- driven saga that will bring you to the edge of your seat. See if you can unravel the mystery of The 10th Muse.. Apologies for the blurred cover image, but there is a new celebrity modeling as the Tenth Muse, and it has to be kept a secret until she makes it public!

The original series started publication in November 2000, published by Image Comics

Collects Volume 1 #1-4, plus includes bonus artwork.


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New at

The Cestus Concern: Weir Codex Book 1

Cestus ConcernThe most dangerous man on the planet must get a secret out of his head…before they remove it.

With a hole in his mind, Malcolm Weir must retrace his steps for the past year–fighting his way through a nearly endless horde of super powered mercenaries and assassins sent by the government to reclaim the secrets locked in his head.

“The Cestus Concern” is a high octane Sci-Fi/Action novel by TV/Film veteran writer/director, Mat Nastos.

“With The Cestus Concern, Mat Nastos crafts his most daring and imaginative work to date. Thrilling and action-packed, Cestus moves at a breakneck pace. Nastos continues to show why he is the next great voice in sci-fi.” —Rob Liefeld, Creator of Deadpool, Cable, Youngblood and X-force, and founder of Image Comics

“Nastos delivers visceral sci-fi action from the very first page, and never lets up.” —Tyler James, writer of Red Ten and co-creator of

The Cestus Concern: Weir Codex Book 1 is available now at!

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Newest Free Products

Discussions with Decapitated Dan #125: The Final Episode
by Decapitated Dan

Horror comics have been scaring readers for years. Is there anyone brave enough to sit down with their crea tors? This is Discussions with Decapitated Dan. This is it folks, the final episode of Discussions with Decapitated Dan. Listen in as Dan is joined…

Secret Identity Podcast Issue #486–Looking Back at 2012
by Secret Identity

It’s a special “Best of 2012” epi sode, where we talk about some of our favorite news stories, comics, games and toys of the past year. *You’ll notice we listed the whole “Gail Simone off Batgirl” news as one of our big stories of 2012…

Tales From the Water Cooler: New Years Special
by Decapitated Dan

Welcome to Tales From the Water Cooler! Join Infinite Speech, Decapitated Dan, and th e Southern Sensation each week as they gather around the water cooler of stories to talk about comics. Well it’s the New Year and the guys are taking another week off. …



Newest Products

Darkness #109
by Top Cow
Price: $2.99

“BREAKING DARK,” Part FourJackie Estacado has made a lot of enemies, but he has no idea how powerful the gangster Balakov has become. Without the Darkness at hi s command, will Jackie be able to protect his family? DAVID HINE (THE DARKNESS: FOUR …

Game Geek #37
by Avalon Game Company
Price: $1.50

New gaming goodness in this issue along with over $5.00 in free games and discounts. Musing of the Avalon Stogie  Behind the Game      Coral Throne, Chapter XXIV Heroes Wear Masks    Dicing With Life    Toda…

The Secret Lives of Julie Newmar #3
by Blue Water Productions
Price: $1.99

Julie’s hunt for Vertigo is sidetracked by an unexpected hitchiker in time, a stop over in San Francisco 1967 and the big reveal…Interplanetary love and sex. Now that I’ve got your attention…There’s all this and more in Issue 3 of The Secret Lives Of…

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