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We have a ton of New comics for you featured in this week’s newsletter from Top Cow ProductionsScattered ComicsAAM Markosia,Bluewater Productions and more! Read on to check out the details of a number of these new books and be sure to check out all of the awesome new FREE comics, Podcasts and other goodies available now.

Free Product of the Week

Free weekly productRay Harryhausen Presents: Wrath of the Titans #0
by Blue Water Productions

Five years have passed since the legendary Perseus defeated the evil Gorgon Medusa, killed the Kraken and assumed the crown of Argos. Things seemed idyllic throughout the kingdom and the news of an heir put the citizens in a celebratory mood.

Yet lurking in the shadows is the one being in Argos simmering with hate and discontent. Calibus, once though dead, was let out of the Underworld by Hades and looks to take his revenge on the Pretender and his family. Perseus stole his bride, stole his position, stole Zeus’ favor, stole his life and now Calibus looks to take it all back. And with the news that a baby boy was born to Perseus and Andromeda, he is chilling that dish of revenge.

This is the perfect introduction to the world of Wrath, and it’s free!

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Other Featured Titles

Featured TitleWilliam F. Nolan’s Logan’s Run: Last Day #1
by Blue Water Productions

Logan has been trained to kill, born and bred from conception to be the best of the best, but his time is short.

He’s nearing the end of his life. Age 21, when every citizen reports for Deep Sleep. But before his life ends he’s got one final mission: find and destroy Sanctuary, a fabled haven for those that chose to defy the system.

William F. Nolan’s masterpiece of dystopian future once again races into the 23rd Century with this all-new comic book adaptation of LOGAN’S RUN.

When Last Day comes, will you lie down and die… or run!

$3.99 $1.99

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Featured TitleCaffeine Poisoned #1
by Scattered Comics

Ever had trouble sleeping? How about not sleeping a wink for the last 12 years?! Meet Jason who has that exact problem, and worse than that… his waking dreams materialize into our world and run wild!

Working in a 24-hour coffee shop, Jason must deal with the insanity of the coffee-drinking crowd, and at the same time battle to control his physical dreams.

Because of the popularity of the mini-series, CAFFEINE POISONED returns as a full series with all the wacky caffeinated insanity you all come to love. This first issue re-itroduces all the main characters as well as a few new ones. Add wall to wall school girls and you got a great issue of fun!

$5.00 $3.00

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Featured TitleThe Lexian Chronicles #6
by AAM Markosia

Koss and Reena take time out to visit their allies, the Lion tribe.

Their problems are temporarily forgotten as they re-acquaint themselves with old friends. Reena meets an old friend who has transformed himself into an accomplished warrior, and the chemistry between them is clear!

But Koss is not there just to relax; he is there to plan for war!

$3.50 $0.99

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Think Tank Military Dossier

Think Tank Military Dossier

Get an exclusive behind the scenes look into the process of the hottest new title form Minotaur Press! Hack into the classified personnel files of slacker genius Dr. David Loren and all the other characters you know and love from behind the concrete barricades of a DARPA contracted Think Tank!

School yourself on the extended “Science Class” that further explores the real world science behind the Reaper drones, guided bullets, and much, much more never-before-seen tech! Cheaper than tuition to Cal Tech, it’s like breaking into a black box, but more fun.

Get Top Cow’s Think Tank series today!

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Heroic Spotlight #10

Heroic Spotlight #10

It’s back to beginning with comics’ greatest father-and-son superhero team.

The spotlight is on Captain Thunder and Blue Bolt as they return in their classic first appearance, by Roy & Dann Thomas and Dell Barras.

Download the Heroic Spotlight series!

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Riven Sol Chapter 13

Riven Sol Chapter Thirteen

Silence must go back to the one place he swore he’d die before he returned.

Can he, Carter, Tilly, and Whateley discover the secrets of the Orphanage, before they become its next victims?

Read the Riven Sol story!

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Atomik Angels #1

Atomik Angels #1

Tristan. Anastasia. Dana. Zoe. We forced them, Sharkey and I, to look into the sun repeatedly, without respite or warning. The result was tha teven as they began their adult lives on earth, we taght them how to survive the shadow-earth that the rest of humanity dreads – where deadly gases fill our lungs and thermonuclear streams quench our thirst. We’d hoped that instead of going blind, they’d see the face of God, and so forgive us enough to save us from the fire….

Enjoy Atomik Angels #1 – #3!

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Pick of the Week

Pick of the WeekArtifacts #24
by Top Cow

Tom Judge knows the world around him is not the world that should exist.

He also knows that Darkness bearer Jackie Estacado is responsible for perverting the universe. Tom is determined to confront Jackie to set things right, but first he will need Sara, bearer of the Witchblade, to back him up.


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New at

A Tear in the Sky

A Tear in the SkyBook three of the internationally bestselling urban fantasy series by the author of EYES TO SEE and BY THE BLOOD OF HEROES. 

When Knight Commander Cade Williams discovers that his wife, Gabrielle, is not truly dead, but held in some kind of arcane stasis between the lands of the living and the lands of the dead, he vows that nothing will stop him from freeing her soul from the prison surrounding her.

But his vow is tested right from the start when an old friend calls on him to help protect the city of Boston from the ancient scourge that threatens to destroy it, leaving Cade with a heart-breaking choice: Do his duty and save the innocent lives he has sworn to protect or forsake them all in order to rescue the one for whom he would brave the walls of hell itself?

Joseph Nassise’s The Templar Chronicles is available now at!

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Newest Free Products

Ray Harryhausen Presents: Wrath of the Titans #0
by Blue Water Productions

Five years have passed since the legendary Perseus defeated the evil Gorgon Medusa, killed the Kraken and ass! umed the crown of Argos. Things seemed idyllic throughout the kingdom and the news of an heir put the citizens in a celebratory mood. Yet lurking…

Secret Identity Podcast Issue #490–Star Wars and It Girl
by Secret Identity

Download Location of the Week: Hillsborough, South Yorkshire Feedback ReviewsHawkeye #4Star Wars #1Deathstroke #15Punisher: Nightmare #1It Girl and the Atomics #1 Out of the Longbox:Star Wars #7 Send comments OR leave us a voi…

Celtic Knights issue 1
by Stephen Coffey

LIMITED TIME OFFER   DOWNLOAD CELTIC KNIGHTS FOR FREE   Celtic Knights issue 1.  When 90% of the worlds superheroes have either been killed or gone into hiding it is up to the Irish Heroes… the ones you don’t want saving you, to save …



Newest Products

The Indifference Engine #2
by AAM Markosia
Price: $0.99

Responding to a strangely specific job advertisement, a distinctly ordinary twenty-something suburban slacker named Alan Blake finds himself in the middl! e of an inter-dimensional task force staffed entirely by superhuman alternate versions of himself. S…

by AAM Markosia
Price: $2.99

Marvin is haunted by vivid nightmares where he is trapped in a horrifying and surreal world by a powerful and charismatic figure – Fracture. This book contains two stories and a number of dramatic biographies of the characters involved. If you are a fan …

Insane Jane: Avenging Star #1
by Blue Water Productions
Price: $1.99

Comic’s most crazed champion is back! Trapped in a “Hospital for the Mentally Unhinged” our loony lion-heart must fight for her freedom and survival. With the help of her trusty new side-kick, the forces of evil are on the run. Or, maybe she’s…

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