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Published on: January 25, 2013

Mike Mignola returned to monthly comic books with Hellboy in Hell (December 2012). He hasn’t drawn a regular Hellboy series since The Island in 2005. I enjoy his storytelling, drawing style, humor, and design so I was excited when Hellboy in Hell #1 hit shelves. I can not remember the last time I went to a comic book shop to buy a new comic book on new comic book day. This was going to be great!

Except, it wasn’t.

I was a little disappointed but couldn’t figure out why because Mignola’s drawing and storytelling were great as usual. When I spoke to Jasen Lex about it, I learned he thought the new comic was fantastic. After a brief conversation, I realized that Lex had read a digital copy (on his beautiful Mac display) while I had read a print copy.

We decided to compare his digital copy and my print copy page by page, panel by panel.

I found the digital copy stunning in comparison. The subtle palette’s warm and cool colors complimented Mignola’s immaculate compositions and storytelling in ways I had missed on my readings of the print edition. *(It should be noted that the digital copy also lends itself to zooming in and out of the artwork and focusing on individual panels, as a fan of Mignola’s compositional choices and drawing, this definitely adds to my enjoyment.)

I had to take back all the negative thoughts I had been sending Dave Stewart’s direction. Each panel and page looked great.

But the print edition now looked even worse compared with the digital copy.

Read the rest at and see the examples at: Hellboy in Hell: Print vs. Digital | Jim Rugg.

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