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DriveThruComics have released this weeks digital comics available for you to download!

In addition to tons of new and exciting digital comics, we also have some awesome classic titles available too. For example from Crusade Fine Arts we have the ShiAtomik Angels, and Angel Fire series. Plus you can check out issues where Shi meets heroes such as Wolverine, Grifter and Daredevil from other companies in the Shi: Crossover series.

Shi at


Free Product of the Week

Free weekly productThe United #1
by Weapon Press

17 Christian superheroes have been kidnapped, scattered and used by a self-proclaimed god…They will fight…They will UNITE!

This is the first Christian superheroes crossover of this magnitude! Over 10 creators have donated characters for this exciting adventure!

From Melchizedek Todd, creator to the Allegories of the Way graphic novel series.

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Other Featured Titles

Featured TitleInsane Jane: Avenging Star Trade
by Blue Water Productions

Comic’s most crazed champion is back!

Trapped in a “Hospital for the Mentally Unhinged” our loony lion-heart must fight for her freedom and survival. With the help of her trusty new side-kick, the forces of evil are on the run. Or, maybe she’s just imagining this.

Either way, Jane’s back and she’s crazier than ever!

Collects Insane Jane: Avenging Star #1 – #4

$14.99 $7.99

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Featured TitleDarkness #110
by Top Cow

“BREAKING DARK,” Conclusion

There is something terribly, terribly wrong with Jackie Estacado’s daughter Hope. But with Jenny’s fragile mental state and the empire he created for himself crumbling around him, Jackie has failed to notice that his greatest problem isn’t the Bulgarian mob, Aram the Witch King, or the ancient powers he’s allowed back into the world – it’s Hope!

The Darkness created by Marc Silvestri, Garth Ennis, and David Wohl.


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Featured TitleThe Hammer of Argus
by Bearmoon Comics

Explore the world of Greek mythology on an epicscale! Follow the adventures of the blacksmith,Argus, as he is thrust into the adventure of his life–trying to recover an artifact stolen from his master, the god Hephaistos. Should the sinister forces moving against him triumph, it will usher doom to the World of Gods and Men!

If he is to succeed, Argus must overcome every obstacle thrown in his path–all while being hunted by a living nightmare of claws, scales and ravenous hunger!

$4.50 $1.99

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Grimm Legacy

Grimm Legacy

This story takes place in the Fairy Tale world.

Our Protagonist is the younger Grimm Brother. After watching his older brother get murdered by the Shadow King (Evil Wizard Antagonist) their family Legacy/ Curse transfers to him upon the older ones death. The Older Grimm lies dead on the floor and a magical hourglass appears next to our new hero that slowly is counting down the sand. This dark curse is the power of Death Itself and when used he gains the Visage of death and the powers it holds making him a Grimm Reaper. Every time he uses this great power he loses some of his lifespan and the sand ticks it away.

Swearing Vengeance even at the extent of his own life he sets out to hunt and kill all of the Monsters the Shadow King employs and then the Shadow King himself. This story has Fairy Tale people and creatures like the Grimm Fables but is dark and violent.

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Styx & Stone

Styx and Stone Trade

Upon returning from South Africa, Detective Mel Stone was put on medical leave after he was found almost dead on the cargo ship he was on with no explanation and almost no memory of what happened to him..

Now, he’s back on the force with his new partner investigating a string of gruesome campus murders. On the surface, everything is back to normal, but in reality, Stone is back with an added bonus; he’s sharing his body with the career criminal and murder James Wyatt.

Collects #1 – 4

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Girl Genius One

Girl Genius Volume One (Color Edition)

Agatha Heterodyne and the Beetleburg Clank


Adventure, Romance, Mad Science!

Meet Agatha Clay, Transylvania Polygnostic University student with the drive to create and the worst luck in the world.

This is Volume One of the Hugo Award-winning series, now in full color to match the rest of the collection!

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Pick of the Week

Pick of the WeekParticle Fiction Volume 1
by AAM Markosia

Collecting the first six months of the critically acclaimed webcomic, Particle Fiction Volume 1 includes a touch of science fiction, fantasy, crime thriller and much more!

“Particle Fiction by David Wynne is the latest monthly web series to have us impatiently drumming our fingers on the desk as we wait for the first of the month to roll around” – SFX Magazine

Rather than being one single, ongoing storyline, Particle Fiction features a rotating main feature; one month may be a gritty crime story in a modern realistic setting, while the next might be a science fiction story set in the far reaches of space, the one after that a whimsical all-ages fantasy.


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New at

Dawning of the Wolf Age

Dawning of the Wolf Age“My name is Haldor Olsen. I was happy once. I had everything a man could want: a good job, a beautiful wife and an amazing son. In a flash it was ripped away. What remains is a raging ember of what I once was. The Hrymar came without warning, hungry for slaves. At first attacking ships, and then our first colony on Epsilon Eridani. Now they’re coming for Earth. I have to stop them… somehow.”

In 2013, two researchers deciphered a puzzle on an ancient Scandinavian runestone leading to contact with an alien race, the Alfar, 600 light-years away; A century later, millions would wish they’d never unlocked that secret.

The benevolent Alfar uplifted mankind technologically and taught them that 180,000 years ago, the Norse Gods seeded their world as well as Earth. The Gods instructed the Alfar to shepherd humanity to the stars once they’d advanced enough to unlock the secret on the runestones; this great gift became a curse.

As man plied the stars and began colonization, they encountered other advanced races, including the Hrymar, depraved slave traders.

In 2128, Haldor Olsen, a government explorer and sometime spy, becomes a reluctant hero when his home is attacked, and he’s faced with losing everything he loves. He travels hundreds of light-years in a frantic race to save mankind from enslavement by an inhuman enemy.

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Newest Free Products

Secret Identity Podcast Issue #494–Injustice and Unfair
by Secret Identity

Download Location of the Week: Argyle, NY Feedback ReviewsFantastic Four #3All-New X-Men #6Animal Man #16Injustice; Gods Among Us #1Unfair Out of the Longbox:The Savage She-Hulk #1 Send comments to OR leave us a voicemail at 860-…

Velvet issue 1 preview
by Stephen Coffey

Velvet preview.  Preview of my upcoming comic called Velvet, the story is hard to explain but once you read the first pages you will understand ! it 🙂

Secret Identity Podcast Issue #493–Uncanny X-Force and Fred Hembeck
by Secret Identity

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Newest Products

Ray Harryhausen Presents: Wrath of the Titans #4
by Blue Water Productions
Price: $1.99

Five years have passed since the legendary Perseus defeated the evil Gorgon Medusa, killed the Kraken and assumed the cro! wn of Argos. Things seemed idyllic throughout the kingdom and the news of an heir put the citizens in a celebratory mood. Yet lurking…

Cancertown: An Inconvenient Tooth #3
by AAM Markosia
Price: $0.99

Vince Morley is a man with big problems and a brain tumour like a baby’s fist; living with one foot in a monstrous alternate world he calls Cancertown. When the lost and dispossessed of London start tripping over the same cracks in reality he spend…

by AAM Markosia
Price: $3.99

Entombed for millennia, a team of combat dinosaurs is accidentally reanimated by 14-year-old Carl Heyward. While trying to keep them a secret, Carl discovers the evil Saurons have survived too. Responsible for the last mass extinction event, they’r…


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