Archaia Entertainment: Rust, Gunnerkrigg & More

The following Archaia digital comics are now available for download on comiXology!
(Digital First refers to titles that are available first as digital comics before the print version is released.)

Gunnerkrigg Court Vol. 4: Materia #2

Digital First

(W) Tom Siddell
(A) Tom Siddell

Annie and Kat have settled their dispute and settled into their new quarters for the year. Kat pursues her robot theory, and along with Annie and some of the other robots for support, she starts to build an innovative robot the likes of which has never been seen before.

Siegfried Vol. 2: The Valkyrie #2

Digital First

(W) Alex Alice
(A) Alex Alice

Having made it through the forest, Siegfried and Mimé find only more perilous lands await them on the other side! As they journey over mountains and past giants, the Valkyrie keeps watch over Siegfried’s destiny… but is she friend or foe?

The following Archaia digital comics will be available for download on the Comics Plus Appthis week!

The Dare Detectives #3


(W) Ben Caldwell
(A) Ben Caldwell

Epic battle ensues! The Dare Detectives have lost the fight…again….and are facing the police…again…and have torn Chinatown apart…again. But this time, they’re not facing human police, but cops of the animal sort.

Gunnerkrigg Court #5


(W) Tom Siddell
(A) Tom Siddell

Part 5! Orientation is the first in a series of books about Antimony Carver, a girl who attends school at gloomy Gunnerkrigg Court, and the people she meets, the strange things that happen, and the things she causes to happen as she and her new friend, Kat, unravel the mysteries of the Court. Antimony and Kat deal with the everyday adventures of growing up at a school that has robots running around alongside body-snatching demons, forest gods, and the odd mythical creature.

Last Days of an Immortal #2


(W) Fabien Vehlmann
(A) Gwen de Bonneval

Elijah makes a new echo to investiage why the Ganedans and Alephs cannot settle a feud that has existed for a millennium. He enlists the help of an expert in archeo-criminology and learns that the Alephs may have a form of pure sonic energy, in addition to their material form. As the tension between the two species escalates, especially when an Originist ship crashes on Ganed, Elijah decides that it’s time for him to go there himself.

Many Adventures of Miranda Mercury #297


(W) Brandon Thomas
(A) Lee Ferguson

Something is happening. Bits of time and _____ are being stolen from their rightful owners and turned into a temporal ______ for the galaxy’s greatest criminals! Finally, the secrets of the Eighth Day are revealed – forcing Miranda and ____ to do the impossible in only 22 pages! New characters, new ____, and a new way to read Miranda Mercury comics awaits! Please Note: Pages 7-8 are intentionally blank, and pages 13-23 have been rotated from their original upside-down orientation in the printed edition.

Rust: Visitor in the Field #3


(W) Royden Lepp
(A) Royden Lepp

Jet has stayed on the farm to help out and the Taylors continue to do their best to keep the place running. Oswald is suspicious of Jet but it seems the more answers he gets the more questions he has.

Siegfried #2

$2.99(W) Alex Alice
(A) Alex Alice

Siegfried learns more about where he came from and Mime receives a mysterious visitor. Will Mime be able to convince Siegfried to face the dragon?

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