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DriveThruComics have released this weeks digital comics available to download directly from the website!
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We now have over 110 books in Print formats available at DriveThruComics! Some of the latest additions include The North End of the World from Black Watch Comics and Whip Angels Volume 1 from Studio ONY.
My publisher spotlight this week is Antarctic Press. They joined DriveThruComics just over a year ago with some very cool Sci-Fi and Fantasy series that have proven quite popular. Some of my favorite Antarctic Press series are DinoWars and Beowulf.

Free Product of the Week

Free weekly productMidnight Kiss #1
by AAM Markosia

In a shattered multiworld where every dream is one world’s reality, Matthew Sable and Nightmare De’Lacy try to keep the balance, facing Angels and Demons, Supernatural Hitmen, Tin Men and Aligator Kings at every turn.

But when a ‘rational’ – a normal human, unaware of the war within is brought into the fight, Matt and Nightmare must protect him before he discovers what he really is – or what they really are…

Believe in faeries – If you don’t, they’ll kill you.

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Other Featured Titles

Featured TitleLookouts #4
by Cryptozoic Entertainment

Based on a property by Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins, the creative minds behind the wildly popular Penny Arcade webcomic.

In this exciting issue, Dore goes up against the Sphinx and the Lookouts come to his rescue.

In a detailed flashback, Lark learns the lore of the Devil Ape and sets out after it…only to find a rather large snake instead.

$3.99 $1.99

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Featured TitleOrbit: Siegel & Shuster: the creators of Superman
by Blue Water Productions

Everyone knows Superman came from Krypton, but he also came from the minds of Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster.

These two artists labored in obscurity for years, and they were eventually rescued by the fandom they inspired.

Here’s the story of these Clevelanders who created a world, changing ours forever.

Note: Intended for readers 12+

$3.99 $1.99

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Featured TitleOutworld: Return of the Master Teachers #1
by Griot Enterprises

The Master Teachers have been outlawed and hunted to the brink of extinction by one of their own.

The Diaspora, once devoted to peace and diversity, has become the Utopia, a totalitarian society dedicated to war, subjugation and destruction.

However, a rag tag band of rebels will provide to the key to the Diaspora’s liberation and will ignite a revolution that will bring justice to a galaxy.

$4.99 $2.99

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NEX Superheroes for the Rest of Us

NEX is a totally original comedy comic about redneck superheroes. Specifically, four rednecks from the small southern town of Bucksnort, TN that are abducted, and mistakenly injected with an alien super-serum intended for Martian super-soldiers. This series follows Mack, Ricky, Bret & Keith as they become the world’s first redneck superhero team. These guys aren’t mild-mannered, articulate, defenders of a big city. the world has enough of those kind of heroes.


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War of the Elementals

War of the Elementals

1915 France. The Great War rages and a new breed of hero takes to the skies. Part bull-terrier, part daredevil, the aces of the Royal Flying Corps’ 5th Squadron are Britain’s elite. It was an era of counter-intelligence, dogfights, and drinking songs, but that was before the world changed.

That was before the Elementals. When a routine mission goes awry, the 5th Squadron finds itself trapped in an unreal world called The Source. Here, giant bat-like creatures dominate the world, keeping the Universe, and all of its parallel realities, in a precarious balance. But despite its serene appearance, it is a violent, predatory land. Trapped along with Germany’s greatest flying ace, they all must work together to find a way back home, but the home they left is no longer the world they knew. Never before seen images!


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Case Files #5

Judge Dredd: Complete Case Files #5

Judge Dredd rides into action in this fifth volume collecting together some of his most exciting cases. Arch-nemesis Judge Death rises from the grave once again in ‘Judge Death Lives’, citizen is pitted against citizen in ‘Block Mania’ and the apocalypse comes to Mega-City One in the all-time classic Dredd epic, ‘The Apocalypse War’.

Featuring art by such comic legends as Carlos Ezquerra (Strontium Dog), Brian Bolland (Batman: The Killing Joke) and Mike McMahon (The Last American) and written by John Wagner (A History of Violence) and Alan Grant (Lobo) this tome is a worthy addition to any Thrill-seeker’s library!


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Pick of the Week

Pick of the WeekDark Lies, Darker Truths
by AAM Markosia

Crime Boss Desmond Quinn’s past catches up to him in ways he couldn’t imagine when his children’s loyalties are divided by a stunning revelation from the past.

His blood family and his crime family are set against each other, and yesterday’s Dark Lies are overshadowed by today’s Darker Truths.

$15.99 $3.99

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Standing AloneArmageddon 2089: Standing Alone

The Assassin lurched and staggered, vanishing from view in a fountain of mud, water and splintering metal. It emerged after a second, one arm hanging limply and its torso armour pitted and dented. Halsey dropped the cannon on target and let fly on maximum rapid fire, shells slamming from the massive bore and tearing into the Assassin’s chest cavity.

The WarMek stumbled, then toppled forwards into the swamp. A great cloud of steam erupted around it, then an explosion rocked the swamp. Fragments of Mek, fallen logs and a wall of boiling water scattered across the battleground. For an instant everyone was blind.

As the Armageddon War of 2089 escalates, the United States of America and the European Federation constantly vie for new advantages. The paranoia and mutual suspicion of the two combatants is at an all-time high. Each jockeys for position across the globe, goaded on by Russia and the Tiger Combine, both of whom see an opportunity to advance their own agendas at the expense of the warring superpowers. Hopelessly outmatched by the might of the European Federation, the United Kingdom fights its War of Independence with American aid. Its fate will be decided by a few warriors fighting in the most powerful land-based war machines ever devised.


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Newest Products

115001-thumb100.pngDeadly Dames: Vile Villainesses
by Mini-Komix
Price: $0.99Some of the nastiest but sexiest bad girls of the Golden Age of comics are back to terrorize you. A great collection of villainesses and their torrid tales, with two in color! We’ve got the devil-dealing Aurora Karine, the spider-woman Countess Arachni, t…
114959-thumb100.jpgThe Mis-Adventures of Adam West #8 (ongoing)
by Blue Water Productions
Price: $1.99Adam West has been jumping through time and dimensions, and this time his misadventures bring him to outer space where he and an old chum join together again for the first time. Recommended for ages 12+.
114960-thumb100.jpgVincent Price Presents: Gallery #2
by Blue Water Productions
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