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Bertie Bear and the Dagger of a Thousand Souls #1
Written & Drawn By Andy Clift W
Page: 21, SRP: $0.99

Bertie Bear; world famous monster hunter and adventurer, is contacted by the American FBI to hunt down the legendary Dagger of a Thousand Souls before a evil mob boss/dark wizard and a whole cult of vicious vampires can get their hands on it. Danger is assured especially as Bertie is familiar with some of the players! Will he take the job? Is he getting the full story? There’s only one way to find out!

Bludgeon #0
Written By Greg Freeland II, Jeremy Owen
Drawn By Jeremy Owen
Pages: 26, SRP: $2.99

In this introductory issue, Mike arrives in Albuquerque and attempts to get his bearings at a local coffee shop. He’s greeted by some of the local folks, including a particularily friendly barista, and the conversation that ensues drops hints at the adventure to come.

Clown Town
Written By Kevin LaPorte
Drawn by Amanda Rachels
Pages: 124, SRP: $9.99

CLOWN TOWN – Where killer clowns are avenging spirits for abused children. Where abused children meld into the carnie masses, masked by twisted inner faces. Where young Chelsea Schroeder is left to her own devices in the search for her lost friend, Melvin. But Melvin may already be a part of the dark circus, simultaneously its beneficiary and its victim! And Chelsea may soon join him, unless she evades the clowns who just may be her saviors! Clown Town is a 124-page Graphic Novel of clown horror, featuring a 96-page core story, two 8-page back-up stories, and associated art and materials created specifically to support production of the project!

Eve of the Ozarks: Guardian of the Bluffs
Written & Drawn By Gustav Carlson
Pages: 16, SRP: $0.99

Eve and her friend, Hieronymus the Goat, climb their way up to the Bluffs. They take zero heed of the numerous warnings of danger. Specifically danger in the form of the Bluffs’ Guardian, and ancient creature with a gruff disposition.

The Grove Nymph #1
Written & Drawn By Jecaro
Pages: 55, SRP: $0.99

Mira is a nymph -a minor nature spirit- and she certainly enjoys living with her sister Mari on the mossy banks of a freshwater spring… but isn’t there more to do than lounge around all day? A fateful walk to stretch her legs and clear her mind leads Mira to stumble upon hungry root goblins, distressed pomegranate sprites and a dreadful wrong that must be righted -and Mira is just the type of nymph willing to stand up for the downtrodden and lend a helping hand… even if she isn’t quite aware of the dangers she has yet to face.

The Gun #1
Written by John Ulloa
Drawn by Jose Varese
Pages: 29, SRP: $0.99

The Gun (part one) is the story of a struggling writer, who, at the end of his rope, gets a new lease on life when he purchases a gun at a pawnshop. His life is suddenly worth living again’ until it’s not.

The Hammer of Argus #1
Written by Ernesto Lopez de Victoria, Christopher Nelson
Drawn by Ernesto Lopez de Victoria
Pages: 27, SRP: $1.99

Argus, The cyclopean blacksmith of the forge of the Olympian Hephaistos must prevent the master thief Brutus Starslayer from escaping with a divine artifact of immense power–and muster all his courage and strength to face a living nightmare of claws, scales and ravenous hunger! Meanwhile, in Tartarus, sinister forces begin to make their move against the Olympian gods!

The Infidel, featuring PIGMAN #2
Written & Drawn By Bosche Fawstin
Pages: 29, SRP: $0.99

Chapter two picks up right where chapter one left off – Twin brothers Killian Duke and Salaam Duka confront each other for the first time since 9/11/01 and engage in a war of words about their opposite responses to the atrocity. But after words fail, things escalate between the brothers. And in Pigman’s world – he stands at the edge of a cliff as an army of suicide bombers try to wipe him off the face of the earth. If that wasn’t bad enough, SuperJihad Strikes!

Legends of Luxura #1
Written & Drawn Kirk Lindo
Pages: 44, SRP: $0.99

The Vampress Luxura has had many adventures throughout time. This mini-series features tales of Kirk Lindo’s Vampress Luxura in adventures that span time and space. This issue features 3 stories including “Connoisseur” An alien Vampire breaks into Luxura’s lair to steal one of her valueable treasures. “Death On The Nile” Luxura witnesses the building of one of the great pyramids and ancient visitors from the sky who observe them. “Past Life, Present Danger”. An old friend of Luxura’s returns claiming to need her help

The Man Called A-X #4: Self-Discovery
Written by Marv Wolfman
Drawn by Shawn McManus
Pages: 25, SRP: $0.99

The Man Called A-X and Liz Watkins look for Charles B. Dixon, the man A-X replaced in the chopper crash that turned him into the cyborg he is today. As he pursues a clue to his identity, A-X is stalked by two killers, each with their own goals in mind.

Pandeia #1
Written & Drawn Paul Orlando Caggegi
Pages: 25, SRP: $1.99

The crew of the Sandboat, Selina breach the Cadian desert in search of the Temple of Thanatos.

The Raptor #1
Written & Drawn Blair Shed
Pages: 36, SRP: $1.99

Journalism student Kathy Walsh and her boyfriend Paul Clemens have been found dead, their video camera missing. Realizing their own personal connection to the victims, detectives Jason Hawking and Willow Barnes of the NYPD Special Crimes Squad take the case. As the detectives get deeper into their investigation, they discover that not only might their suspects be part of the Russian Mob, but that The Raptor may have a private stake in the case as well.

Return of the Super Pimps #1
Written by Richard Hamilton
Drawn by Ulises Carpintero
Pages: 27, SRP: $0.99

Dial “P” for Pimp! Meet Blackbeard, Foxy Mama, Ghetto Blaster, Homeboy, and Sidekick. The year is 1979, and the Super Pimps do battle with their greatest nemesis, Darquefire! But when tragedy strikes, the heroes go their separate ways and their ‘Hood, once an urban utopia, decays into a ghetto wasteland. Now, almost thirty years later, a mysterious figure with strong ties to the Super Pimps embarks on a quest to reunite the forgotten heroes, while a familiar evil returns to what’s left of The Hood…

Ultrasylvania Vol. 1 King Dracula
Written by Brian Schirmer
Drawn by Valerio Fabbretti, Richard Healy, Niko Pope, Jonathan Aguillon, Greg Mack, Garrett Richert, John Gomes, Edward Edgerson Jr., Matt Harding, Dylan Palmer, Erik Solem
Pages: 92, SRP: $9.99

At the end of the 19th century, Bram Stoker ventures to Ultrasylvania to interview its monarch for a biography. But, is this man a writer – or an assassin? Fifty years earlier in neighboring Bavaria, King Victor Frankenstein grants sanctuary to a young woman – and quickly falls in love. But, is she more than she seems? The answers to these questions will bring these men together – and seal their fates.

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