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Free Comic of the Week!

Free weekly productOf Bitter Souls #1
by AAM Markosia

A mysterious New Orleans Pastor named Secord adorns four individuals with powers that are directly related to their character flaws.

It begs the question, what do we do with the gifts we are given?

Under the guidance of Pastor Secord, the four flawed heroes will be set loose on the supernatural threats that are so prevalent in New Orleans’ legends.

They will be a force for good… that is if they don’t destroy themselves with their own powers first.

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New Comics!

ExileDungeons & Dragons: The Legend of Drizzt, Vol. 2: Exile

Collects the adaptation of the second volume of R.A. Salvatore’s The Legend of Drizzt!

The Dark Elf known as Drizzt has abandoned the twisted society of his people to seek honor and justice! But his family will not let him go so easily, and even greater dangers await Drizzt and his new ally, Belwar, in the caverns of the Underdark!

Originally published by Devil’s Due Publishing as EXILE issues #1–3.


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Patriot 1Patriot-1: Chapter Three

Read the third chapter of the critically acclaimed and 2015 IPPY Award winning action-packed graphic novel Patriot-1 is now available!

After arriving at the CIA’s secret facility in Herat, Afghanistan, Delta Force Operator Ken Baker is clued into the vast conspiracy known as “Operation Quisling.” Just as Special Agent Valerie Hughes brings him up to speed, the facility is attacked, forcing Baker into action. But is there more to the attack? What do Baker and Hughes find when they chase a prime suspect?


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GatehouseGatehouse #1

Welcome to the Gatehouse! Take a tour through the premises, sample its brews, and get to know some of its inhabitants in the debut issue of this new creator-owned series from acclaimed artist Adam Bolton (WHERE’S MY SHOGGOTH?) and NEW YORK TIMES best-selling writer Sean E. Williams (FAIREST: THE RETURN OF THE MAHARAJA).

Located at the port on a nexus of the multiverse, the Gatehouse offers shelter and libations to anyone who needs it. Pull up a stool, and hear tales from the edges of reality.


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Soulfire #4Eternal Soulfire #4

Michael Turner’s classic action-adventure series re-emerges with a brand new era of mystery and magic!

Miya’s secret desire to reconnect with the ghost of her father may spell trouble for her tribe of warriors, and if that wasn’t bad enough, Cassidy and the others find themselves in the crosshairs again!


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Featured Comics!

Featured Title

Judge Dredd Megazine #319
by Rebellion Publishing Ltd

$7.99 $4.99

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Featured Title

The Fall of X-O Manowar #1
by Valiant Comics


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Featured Title

StarPower #11
by GT Comics

$2.99 $1.99

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Pick of the Week!

Pick of the WeekDept. of Monsterology Sabbaticals Issue 1 Digital
by Renegade Arts Entertainment

Officially, it’s the Department of Cryptozoology, Mythological Studies, Parapsychology and Fortean Phenomena. But to the rest of the students and staff at the Dunsany College, bafed by the cloak of secrecy that surrounds the Department and its affairs, it has another, more dismissive, name: The Department of Monsterology. Funded by the mysterious Hampton Foundation, the Dept. operates several eld teams that roam the globe on extended research expeditions.

Sabbaticals picks up after the events of Monsterology 101, with several team members pursuing their own agendas. The Lamont Institute may have stumbled, but it takes more than death to stop their plans, and now they are aware of Samwi’s potential, she has become their quarry. Professor Tovar’s parasitic secret is leading him into the deep darkness, towards a fate that may have consequences far beyond ridding himself of his personal burden.


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Happy Halloween

Newest Free Products

Snowmanilas #1
by AAM Markosia

Planet Snowmania’s snowman brothers, the Snowmanilas, are enjoying some funtastic treasure-hunting adventures when they encounter a Snowgorilla military unit, some Snowtiger Pirates, a Snowtiger Mermaid and a bunch of Ninja Shark…

Princess Lucinda Preview
by Channel M Publishing

To Celebrate the Birthday of Princess Lucinda on October 31st we’re providing for a limited time a preview of her first Graphic Novel , “Black Rose of the empire) for free. If you like the book you can pick up it and The second part of the three boo…

Secret Identity Podcast Issue #692–Jughead and Amazing Spider-Man
by Secret Identity

Download Location of the Week: Springfield, MA Feedback Reviews:Guardians of the Galaxy #1Amazing Spider-Man #1Betty and Veronica #278Jughead #1Honor #1 Summer ReadingSecret Wars #6 Send comments to OR leave us a voicemail at 860…

Newest Titles

The Four Points #5
by Aspen Comics
Price: $3.99

The end is here! As, the group attempts to overcome the combined might of the four brothers and their path of destruction—the real shock may come when they discover that the team made up of the four elemental points is not all they are cracked up t…

Jirni Vol. 2 #3
by Aspen Comics
Price: $3.99

When Boro leads Ara to a strange new land, she finds a special clue to finding her kidnapped mother—however, will she be able to stay on that path or will another road call out to her? Creator J.T. Krul, artist V Ken Marion, and colorist Juan Ferna…

Oniba: Swords of the Demon #0
by Aspen Comics
Price: $2.50

From creators Paolo Pantalena (Jirni) and Vince Hernandez (Fathom: Kiani) comes this all-new action-adventure series hundreds of years in the making! When the actions of her feudal lord begin to lay the seeds of doubt within her, Yukiko, a samurai with e…

Newest Featured Reviews

Where the Deep Ones Are (Mini Mythos)
by Atlas Games
Price: $3.99

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars (from Flames Rising)

The classic children’s book “Where the Wild Things Are” by Maurice Sendak has been parodied before, but rarely as successfully as in Ken Hite’s Where the Deep Ones Are. Ostensibly a childrens’ book, Deep Ones is a story of a boy who rebels and i [read more…]

The God Machine
by Archaia Entertainment LLC
Price: $9.99 $6.69

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars (from Flames Rising)

Artwork: 5.0 out of 5
The only thing I knew about this book before diving into it was how GORE-Geous is was going to be. I will admit though that what took it a notch above most is that Chandra took the time to create every element on every page. The col [read more…]

Deadworld: The Last Siesta (Graphic Novel)
by Caliber Comics
Price: $6.99 $4.68

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars (from Flames Rising)

Artwork: 5.0 out of 5
I bow down to you Mark Bloodworth. I have seen artists do styles like this, I have seen artists make it work within their own books, but I have never seen this style work so well. Mark was not afraid to show you anything in this boo [read more…] The First Download Comic Shop


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